The big sale

I said goodby to Warmachine and Hordes late last year and now the time has come to sell my stuff.

I will sell all factions I own as a whole, so I’m not selling PIP’s seperate.

I sell my models at 50% of their value.

The models for sale are those shown in the various posts on this blog. The blog posts also show how certain kits are magnetized.

The bits for various sets are also included if they were not used.

If you are interested, you can contact me trough this website or by sending me a pm on facebook.

These are the prices I have calculated, but that doesn’t mean I won’t consider a decent offer.


The value of these models calculated from the pricelist would be 1886,19€. Half price makes it 943€.


The value of these models calculated from the pricelist would be 2465€. Half price makes it 1232€.


The value of these models calculated from the pricelist would be 1647€. Half price makes it 823€.


The value of these models calculated from the pricelist would be 2248€. Half price makes it 1124€.


The value of these models calculated from the pricelist would be 911€. Half price makes it 455€.



Painting Retribution Part 6: a boatload of models

I have not posted anything since the end of June, because I was simply to busy painting.

My goal was to have my 2 75pt lists fully painted for the first tournament. Meeting the goal was sort of impossible as I still have my HRT’s and 3rd Arcanist on order. However all models aside from those 3 were fully painted and I consider it to be a success.

I also finished my second unit of Invictors but I forgot to take their picture after. Still here’s a shot of the whole bunch on the tray during the SR event.

And just this evening I put the fine touches on 4 more models:

Next up will be the remaining 2 soulless, 2 scyirs, the 2nd unit of Sentinels and Helynna. I will need to strip the paint from the unit of sents first so prepping all the models will take until sunday. I plan to make Helynna  a bit more special, but more on that soon.


The Ret experience part 1: list building and testing. 

Mk3 play has been going on for about a month now. I have played 8 games or so.

Not enough games to really call it a full playtest really.

The main issue for me is this mk3 void that presents itself right now. Before in Mk2 the meta was formed and changed a bit from time to time but you knew what to build for and what to expect. Now it’s all open and anything goes. Sadly for me, that means out of 8games 6 were hard counters I had no game against with the available lists.

Don’t get me wrong these counters can be answered by the faction and some might be really rare and in no need of a list focus but there’s nothing to indicate you will face those lists or not at all.

Simply put its rock paper scissors but instead of those 3, the options are infinite and you have no clue what option to choose and any option is the best and worst choice at the same time.

That’s how it feels right now. Mostly because I’m always busy with work, sports and other hobbies and having long and deep thoughts about list building just doesn’t happen. In the past I found out what lists were being played with success and I tweaked those to suit me best, saving me a lot of time and research. Since pretty much every player out there is still testing the waters and tweaking lists, that’s not an option right now.

Playing Rahn and Issyria as a list pairing has the disadvantage that both casters like arcing and casting their required spells. For Rahn landing the TK’s at the right moment on the key models is important, for Issy being able to put Blinding light out there is a key element.

When I see a Mercenary list with a dwarven Colossal in it my reflex would be to play issyria and use blinding light to render the ranged capabilities of the colossal inert by applying Blinding light. This is pretty much what it’s for. However one 5 point solo by the name of Orin Midwinter, cancels that plan completely. And as such my Issyria list has no answer to all the shooting in the list.

My Rahn list isn’t suited to deal with this list either as colossals laugh at Rahn and make him a sad panda.

So this would be a hard counter built in that makes my pairing useless if I end up facing any Merc player using a dwarven colossal and Orin (and I’m sure they’ll be buddies  most of the time)

Another example is Raseth, who makes arcing within 16″ of him impossible, having the same effect on Issy’s blinding light. If I wanted to stop ranged attacks and limiting Rahns effective range enormously as well. Forming another hard counter to both lists.

Example number 3 was my last game vs Vindictus, whose feat renders all the ranged wpns in Issyrias list useless under his feat, except for 2 shots from Hyperion’s main weapon. In the same turn his army gets into position I have no answer as none of my attacks are allowed and the turn after things charge and I am left with small change and no options to turn the tide.

My rahn list would have to depend on battlemages and rahn + 2 shots from the jacks during that feat turn and I’m not sure it would fare much better at that point.

So 3 situations where both lists would offer no real solid answer at all.

This makes one thing painfully clear, Rahn just like in MK2 has no place in MK3, the counter are endless and he doesn’t present the same skew or doesn’t ask hard questions like other casters.

The Issy list is pretty solid but it needs a pair that can deal with the brutal anti-ranged skews out there.

I will be looking at eVyros next in the hopes of moving into melee territory and hopefully finding that answer, even tough I fear anti-ranged has a twin called armor cracking and it will just stomp that idea as well.

The Vyros2 list I looking like this on paper:

Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard – WJ: +27

–    Aspis – PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 6)

–    Griffon – PC: 8 (Battlegroup Points Used: 8)

–    Griffon – PC: 8 (Battlegroup Points Used: 8)

–    Griffon – PC: 8 (Battlegroup Points Used: 5)

–    Griffon – PC: 8

–    Imperatus – PC: 22

–    Griffon – PC: 8


Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress – PC: 3

Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2

Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2

Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2


Dawnguard Invictors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16

–    Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4

–    Soulless Escort – PC: 1

Heavy Rifle Team – Leader & Grunt: 4

The HRT is there to have some form of ranged dmg output which can dent something with heavier armor and doesn’t need help hitting.

Lanyssa will have to be tested out, maybe she’s a good addition, maybe I will want to swap her out after a few games, we’ll see how reliably I can use her hunters mark.

The soulless is a point filler really and it does make it slightly harder to remove the invictors with spells, plus disbinding could come in handy.

The rest of the list pretty much explains itself, cheap Griffons, imperatus for the heavy lifting and an aspis to give Vyros that extra bit of protection from ranged.

The HRT is a personal touch and just like Lanyssa I will need to evaluate how much value I get out of it. But if really want to play the HRT in MK3 and this seemed like a good spot to drop it in for the time being.

I have heared the pairing Issy / Ossy isn’t a bad choice, however I feel that puts all the eggs in the ranged basked and I’m foreseeing a heavy anti ranged meta popping up…

Time will tell, I don’t have nearly enough games under my belt in MK3 to really draw conclusions and lot’s of list building and testing ahead of me.

More of my ranting on this later.



Painting Retribution Part 5: Invictors & Halbs.

Another busy painting week has come and gone. Last weekend I managed to churn out the invictors at a record pace, and then this week I finished the Halbs. Finishing these brings met closer to having 2 fully repainted SR lists.

The goal is to field 2 fully painted lists at my first mk3 SR event on the 17th of July. Slight problem is that 2 units are on order. Worst case I will have to borrow a unit of Invictors and a unit of Battlemages.

Tonight after gaming I will strip down the 2 SFA units and the solo’s (2 arcanists and 2 MHA’s and a soulless). I figure those will take me about a week to finish.

This week I will know which models will arrive in the next shipment to the Lgs and I can plan my painting accordingly. If I do get all my models in, it comes down to finishing 3 model batches.

So with a good 3 weeks left that should work out just fine. I’m also planning a special project to create a model tray that fits my army scheme, I’ll post a step by step on that later.

For now here are the finished models:


More on my painting / gaming soon.

Painting Retribution Part 4: Imperatus

I managed to finish the final touches on Imperatus today. This is good news, because now all my heavies are done. (untill I get my MK3 bbox ofc)

I still have some lights I will need to strip and repaint, but they are all extra’s. I’m not seeing Griffon spam return soon so there’s more than enough time to repaint the flock of Griffons I have and I currently don’t have the need for my 2nd Aspis either. Plus again with the Bbox I’ll have more lights on the painting list soon.

I still have a boatload of painting ahead of me and I’m going to focus on models that have a high chance of seeing play in my lists first, so that I can field fully repainted lists as soon as possible.

The 2 lists I’m playtesting right now are the following:

Adeptis Rahn – WJ: +26
–    Chimera – PC: 0
–    Sphinx – PC: 0
–    Sphinx – PC: 8

Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2
Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2
Mage Hunter Assassin – PC: 4
Mage Hunter Assassin – PC: 4

House Shyeel Battle Mages – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
House Shyeel Battle Mages – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
Stormfall Archers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 9
Stormfall Archers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 9
Houseguard Halberdiers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 13
–    Houseguard Halberdier Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4

Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn – WJ: +29
–    Chimera – PC: 8
–    Hyperion – PC: 7

Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2

Dawnguard Invictors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
–    Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4
Dawnguard Invictors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
–    Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4
Houseguard Halberdiers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 13
–    Houseguard Halberdier Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 4
–    Soulless Escort – PC: 1

I’ll make some posts on how the playtesting is going later on, I have just 2 games with each list under my belt right now and that’s not enough to draw conclusions.

Of the models in these 2 lists I have the jacks and casters painted and a unit of Battlemages. In short that means I have quite a bit of painting ahead of me…

I’m going to start painting on the first unit of Invictors this week, and what I paint after will depend on models being delivered or not. I still have a unit of Battlemages and a unit of invictors on order, and as soon as they arrive I will need to paint those up.

I own all the other models in the lists and they are painted up in the old scheme. While they may look horrible to me, they do count as fully painted for the time being 😀

If I finish the Invictors before the 2nd unit arrives, then painting up the Halbardiers will be the best option as that gives me another repainted unit in both lists.

For now Some pictures of Imperatus and hopefully some more articles on my Ret soon.

Painting Retribution Part 3: MK3 seems to mean “moar jacks”

Before MK3 I had 1 magnetized jack for Ret and that was it, I also never changed its configuration, it has always been an Manticore and never a Hydra during MK2 (I didn’t play the NQ tier)

For other factions I had magnetized jacks and there they made more sense really. Especially for Convergence as all 6 heavies had a place somewhere and they were easy to magnetize. I even magnetized a slayer chassis for Cryx but that was to be able to switch between 2 character jacks more than to be able to play the slayer 😀 .

But now MK3 has landed and jacks have a more prominent role, or at least there are more jack points which results in an increase in jacks overall.

I went over de different jacks in the faction and did a little calculation on how many I would need of each. I decided I wanted the character jacks to each be their own model so that mean I would need 1 models for Discordia (previously part of the magnetized Shyeel kit).

I already had one kit that could be a Manticore or a Hydra, and with the new battlebox I could make a second one of those.  I’m still debating if I want to be able to make phoenix with the kits or not, I have a dedicated Phoenix model and currently playing 1 is debatable, let alone playing 2 (The Chimera is simply the better choice cost wise).

So when the Bbox arrives I will have what I need regarding shyeel heavies, a phoenix and 2 kits for either Manticore or Hydra (not seeing why more than 2 would be played at this time).

That leaves the Vyre kit. I have a dedicated Hypnos model and a dedicated Banshee model, so I’m pretty fine on that end. However I owned 0 Daemons or Sphinxes. The Daemon still doesn’t seem like an option I will play any time soon, but I still want the option if I’m going to magnetize Vyre kits anyhow.

There was some speculation on Sphynx spam and I also wanted to be able to dabble in that type of lists so I wanted a bit of reserve when I came to Vyre jacks.

I ended up magnetizing 4 kits. Currently 3 of those are Sphinxes and one is a Daemon. I have magnetized enough parts to make 2 Daemons and 4 Sphinxes, but I only painted up the parts for 3 Sphinxes / 1 Daemon.

Because magnetizing those claws and boxing gloves isn’t exactly easy I decided I would document how I did it. I found a post on the PP forums about magnetizing the Vyre chassis by Mastershake. He did it in a good way, however I didn’t want to use the method where the claws attached to the fists, so I had to improvise.

For space saving and easier magnetizing I put the claws a little more back than their normal location. I also figured picking thing up with those fists would be impossible if the claws couldn’t retract. And Wolverine has taught us all the claws are retractable for sure.

I found that there was ample room inside the forearms to fit a magnet so I didn’t have to drill on the outside surface and the magnets could be hidden.



This did leave me with an issue for the boxing gloves as they have to fit over the fists.

Since I wanted to use as few magnets as possible I came up with the idea to repurpose some of the leftover plastic that came with the kit. There were plastic rods attached to the legs of each kit. I cut these to length and glued them in the gloves. With a magnet on the other end of the rod it would fit on the same magnets as the fists. And the rod would be covered up by the glove itself.

This video I recorded shows how all the parts were magnetized:




The whole magnetizing deal did take me some time so painting was a bit slower.

I also assembled Imperatus and stripped the paint from my unit of battlemages. With those models prepped and the 4 kits I was ready to start painting again.

Imperatus was left behind after the airbrushing stage, I’ll finish him in the next batch.

The Vyre kits and the Battlemages however, went through the full treatment and look pretty amazing. (One can be proud of his own work right?)



The last batch contains a slight spoiler as to which caster I’m currently playing 😀 .

So now Imperatus is left on the painting table and I’m going to start on a unit of Invictors.


Painting Retribution Part 2: Paint all the casters (except one)

I managed to finish all my Ret casters except for Vyros2 last week. I felt really happy about the fact that with the MK3 cards in mind, none of those models felt like it would just sit on my shelves forever.

Sure I am sharing the general opinion that while Vyros1 and Garryth receives nice buffs / changes they won’t be the top dogs. I’m also convinced they won’t be the casters you grab when you play a tournament (and plan to end at the top), but they have game now, they can play a decent match.

And for a faction to be able to claim that they have no “dead in the water” casters is a huge thing. And it makes me happy that ret got there after a long journey.

I wanted this ret anime like style to pop out a bit so I chose some more flashy hair colors, and I wanted all to be unique so every caster has a different hair color (when hair applied ofc 😀 )


With my new color scheme, Kae has become my favourite model.

Currently I’m working on 4 Vyre chassis (magnetized), Imperatus and a unit of Battlemages.

I will post in progress pics explaining how I magnetized the kits and there will also be a (short) video on it.


Painting Retribution Part 1: the start and the why

In August 2015 I made a post on how I had started stripping some of my Retribution models with the intent of repainting them.

At the time I was searching for a faction to play and ended up investing in some Khador, so my Retribution revamp project was pushed aside.

Now with the announcement of MK3 a couple of months ago, the time had come to see which options I had to answer the big question ‘Which faction will I play in MK3’.

They way I saw it 3 options were possible. I either continued to play Convergence, or I would return to playing either Skorne of Retribution.


Cryx would be possible because I have the models, but right now I’m not considering them.

The announcement of MK3 took all the fun out of building MK2 lists and spending time learning model interactions etc., so it left a huge gap in my hobby time. And what better way to fill said gap then with painting right?

I still have a limited amount of Skorne and COC models around that I need to paint, but not real substantial amounts so nothing really pressing for painting. Retribution on the other hand was painted, however it was horrible. If I was to play this faction again as a main faction, it would need an overhaul. So I decided to pick up that project again.

I had a scheme in mind, and I still had a unit of sentinels and riflemen who were only primed. I added one of my Griffons and I had a nice “test” batch to try my scheme on.

Results were pleasing and I decided I would keep the scheme.


Since then I have also completed all my heavy and most light jacks (except for 1 aspis and like 6 Griffons) and even finished Hyperion.

On Hyperion I did encounter an issue with the paint stripping. It dates from a period where colossals were just coming out and PP (so it would seem) was still experimenting with the materials for their resin.

As a result certain parts had a strange reaction to the stripping fluid. Nothing extreme but not desired either, I’m just glad only the shoulder arcnode thingies got the worst of it and the rest was doing ok afterwards.


Just to give you an idea of how horrible their paint jobs were before, here are some of the older pics:

Hyperion is looking a lot better right now that’s for sure. And ofc this is how you prove that over the years you have gotten a bit

Right now I’m giving the warcasters a new paintjob, this will take some more time so a sneak peek is all I’ll give right now:


To continue the great which faction should I play discussion, the spoilers given by PP have steered me in the direction of the angry elves for sure and it’s the only battle box that I can buy that contains some “useful” models. I can see use for a second Chimera, a second Shyeel chassis to magnetize is welcome as well. (Currently I have one jack magnetized, and I may magnetize one Vyre chassis I still have in reserve)

So I would also end up with Griffon number 8 which may or may not be a good thing… time will tell how spammy we can go using jacks and that little guy is a real good package for its point value.

Convergence looks pretty solid, however it seems like it’ll come down to “you have to play those 2 casters” again since theme forces are gone and the casters will only receive minor tweaks. And my main fear with the faction is boredom from playing the same thing over and over. So as currently spoiled Convergence is not an option for me.

When looking at Skorne and Retribution, I lean towards Ret more and their spoiler was pretty great, so for now that means I will most likely go with Ret. the jury isn’t out yet but I think the only thing that could change my mind now would be some really interesting Convergence rules out of nowhere, and that’s pretty unlikely.


Painting the Convergence part 15: Reworking servitors 2: all servitors are done

It’s been a while since I posted part one of the servitor revamp, now for part 2.

The above ones turned out pretty nice and I’m happy with them, however for the last ones I decided to go all out.

The repair arms didn’t really make it possible to just put them on a base, it wouldn’t look natural either as these really need to float.

I had obtained the Convergence Wreck markers a while back and had been casting some extras while I was casting my other bases and had some spare fluid.

This seemed like the ideal moment to start using them as bases.

The inset part of the medium wreck markers is 30mm which is ideal for small bases.

The pins are where the servitors were attached afterwards. This way they can float without the use of the flight stands and it can look way more natural. Plus epic bases in the making.

I was very proud of the end result, pretty much the best looking bases I have painted until now:

And ofc a group shot:


Painting the Convergence part 15: Reworking servitors 1: Reflex Servitors

The convergence servitors come on the little flight stands, and while that may be somewhat cool to see them “fly”, these things are not to handy and stuff breaks more then I want it to.

When I finished the servitors for the TEP’s I realised that with my new bases I could make some interesting combinations for the different types of servitors leaving the flight stands out for good.

I just finished rebasing the Reflex Servitors. Aside from just sticking them to different bases and adding some tufst, I also added some rust pigment so they tie into the bases more, mines do lie around for a while and it’s only natural they wear down a bit.

Just to compare, this is what they used to look like: