Painting Skorne #27: The mammoth part 3: Painting the base.

I went with a layer of Citadel Tallarn sand first; it’s the same color I use for my other bases.

It’s also an almost dried up pot so mixing it with airbrush thinner is one of the few ways to still paint with it.

I airbrushed the color on, it covered well enough, but the dark primer still came trough a bit, which made the shadows look good.

I picked up a desert color from Vallejo’s game air range, hoping it was similar to the Tallarn sand, turns out it’s a bit more yellow. Which isn’t an issue, but it means I need another desert color to really replace the Tallarn sand. (on the shopping list for next friday 😀 )

I used the Desert Yellow next, and I made a quick video of the result:

Then I washed the entire base with Citadel Agrax Earthshade (just a heads up, these projects soak up quite an amount of wash, because of the large surface and absorbing material)

The wash really brought out lots of detail.

After the shade was dry I first drybrushed the base using Tallarn sand (as this was the darker sand color and the highlight needs to build up the the lightest color (white)).

I then applied a drybrush of the Desert Yellow, moved on to P3 jack Bone and finished with P3 menoth White Highlight. In the shadow zones I added another wash of Citadel Seraphim Sepia, creating a red hue.

I based the 2 skulls in Jack bone, washed them with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted them again with Jack Bone.

After all was dry I drybrushed the entire base again using the Citadel Dry compound “Tyrant Skull”.

The result looks like this:

I will need to do some shopping for vegetation to put on the base. I have wasteland tufts and they fit the color palette, but I want some more variation. I’m planning to put some tufts on the back side to make that side more vivid and add variation, and then I’m looking for some more unique additions for the front end, when the skull is placed above the lions head. I’m not really sure what I want, but once I get to see some options at the shot I’ll know what I want to do.

I won’t be able to get over to the store before Thursday so if I post anything new before Sunday it’ll be about the progress on painting the Mammoth itself.


Painting Skorne #24: Slingers, Extoller and Taskmaster

This week (well the last 3-4 days) was pretty hectic and I painted like a madman.

It also occured to me that I just finished painting up 33 models in less than 2 weeks, not bad…

The reason? I just wanted to make sure I could play my eHexy list with as few proxy models as possible.

At this point all I have to proxy is the Mammoth, and that’s not a real issue, I can just use a huge base. eHexy still hasn’t been painted up, but he’s assembled and on a base (bought him from a friend that way) so he can be played.

I will make a post on the list after I have some games with it on Thursday and Friday. Pretty excited about using the Mammoth package and other models I have never used before.

I’ll add some game pictures this weekend as well.

For now these are the pictures of the models:


The extoller and the taskmaster:

I put that little bit of extra effort into the taskmaster, I simply love that model.

Next up? Well that depends, I’m going to work on the Mammoth and eHexy, but for the Mammoth I need to make a decent base that allows it to avoid all overhang issues. So which will be next will be determined by how fast I can come up with a good base idea…more on that soon.

Painting Skorne #22: Double Raider and Brute

In my previous post, I showed the Bloodrunners and talked about how I had done the orange with the airbrush. On cloth the effect was great, now I had to see how it turned out on armor plates.

I prefer models with a larger surface in order to test a color out. Because both the Brute and the Raider are covered in armor from top to bottom they were perfect.

I do need to restock my orange paint as the pot I have now has gotten to dried out, but that aside the models turned out great.


Next up, a whole lot of minions:

Back to work.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, I just took a few weeks off, not just from blogging, I also put my painting on low priority.

I had just finished painting a ton of models for Cryx, then some more Skorne, which resulted in having 4 50pts lists fully painted, and yes I wanted some time off at that point 😀

I did do some painting however with no real time pressure. I did some work on the Skorne Ferox. This unit will no doubt finds its way into one of my lists at some point, but not at this time which means I don’t have the urge to put the mon the table, and as such I had plenty of time to finish them.

Last week I did have to rush the painting on 2 void spirits, I needed them for an all painted SR tournament.

The next few weeks will be a bit busier, as I have a new project, a Zaal theme force. Needless to say this list consists almost entirely off models I haven’t painted / assembled, and in some cases don’t yet own.

I will have to do some proxying while testing it out because I just don’t want to invest in multiple models of the same type without knowing if this list will be anything interesting for me.

So far I saw it being played in a video battrep and I liked the possibilities I saw, it also seems to give me the options I’m looking for.

I love how Fist of Halaak provides me with a melee punchline supported by ranged treat. Having access to melee and ranged, with both being good solid options is a nice thing.

I love my Mordrikaar list and it has some really nice options, however any form of ranged presence is not part of those options. The tier list I’m going to give a spin will reach Fist of Halaak levels in melee and will have a more precise and harder hitting ranged capability.

The only real question here is if this list will be able to handle Cryx at all. Since it’ll have 2 Raiders and a few extollers, it will handle stealth for sure, it’s volume of attacks I’m more worried about really. It’ll remain to be seen. And ofc with Cryx becoming less and less dominant in the faction spread at events, the “do I have a Cryx drop” question becomes less important. More on that later, I really need to test things out to get a good grasp on this list.

The next few weeks will (hopefully) have more painting updates. The Ferox are near completion, and all those models for the Zaal theme are going to get primed this week as well. Lucky for me stone statues don’t take the same effort as most other models.

I will also try to get the next video battrep out, it’s pXerxis vs eMorvana.

The next few months will be exciting for sure. I’m not sure what my lists will look like once the aradii and the hydra are released.

In the same way I am really looking forward to the releases in the next warmachine book, as a Convergence player I have been hoping for a new warcaster. The new colossal seems like it will only really synergize with the Modulator and that’s not much. So yea a new caster, who hopefully adds something completely new would be huge.

More on painting progress soon.

Tales from the crypt #6: Blackbane and his merry men

Finished the Blackbanes last night and I must say I feel like I got them to look the way I wanted them to.

I wanted them to be icy figures to go along with Goreshade in regards to his feat. I could have added another highlight with white, but then I felt it would start looking more like actual fire / glowing blue and now it has more of a cold ice/wind feel to it. I also didn’t want it to look like bright shiny ice men, as its Cryx and thus darker and more ominous is the goal.

The same applied to the eyes. I wanted glowing eyes but I didn’t go with the normal process (color, shade color, highlight), I wanted them to look dim, like “dead” glowing eyes not vibrant fiery eyes. To achieve that I just applied yellow with no shade and no highlight.

Here are the pictures:

Some Variation required

Currently I have 1 game night each week, on Friday. And sometimes I get to 2 games, however most nights 1 game is all I can squeeze in.

This has a large impact on my learning curve. I play a game, make some misplays, draw some conclusions on how I should play things out next time and then my army goes into my bag for an entire week.

The best way to learn things in a constructive manner is by playing several games (I would say a minimum of 2) each time, so things learned in game 1 can be applied in game 2. This is also why playing in a tournament yields more experience than playing on regular game nights.

I am planning to squeeze in an additional game night when possible on Thursdays. This will give me more games each week and since my 2 game nights will be Thursday and Friday, I can apply my experiences from Thursday during my games on Friday. It won’t be the same as playing 3-4 games in a row like I would at an event, but it will be close enough.

The other change I will make, is mixing up the gameplay by taking Cryx off the shelves from time to time. I recently got more interested in my old faction again, and while I’m not thinking about switching back, I am considering dividing my time over the 2 factions.

For Skorne, my interest outside of Mordrikaar / Xerxis is limited, I see myself give Xerxis2 and Zaal a try, but at this point that’s about it. Now I love Fist and Mordrikaar so there’s no bad side to only playing those, except for it getting pretty boring if you do it over and over and…

The last few days I have discovered my interest in Cryx has returned, this provides a certain solution to my problem. I like most casters in Cryx and you can mix and match units/solo’s/jacks/casters pretty easy, so a fun list or 2 isn’t hard to assemble.

I won’t be switching to Cryx, what I will do is mix things up, going from Skorne to Cryx and back for game nights and events.

This should provide me with a broader view for my gameplay. And at this point I need to figure out some way to grow and to avoid stagnating. My gameplay is far from where I want it to be and mixing things up could be what I need to open up a fresh can of ideas.

My first stops on the Cryx trip will be Goreshade 3 and Mortenebra. G3 because I really want to take him for a spin and Morty because she’s number 1 in my book when fun is concerned.

I did set some goals before I can touch any Cryx models again. First my painting for my 2 50 Skorne lists has to be finished. (2 Incendiarii, 2 Arcuarii, krea, gobbers, willbreaker and Maximus to go) The Incendiarii and Arcuarii are halfway done and the other models will take about a week maybe 2 to get done so not to terrible for planning.

That’s all for now. I hope to get a painting update out this week, it will depend on how much time I can spend painting…

Convergence playtest Part1:

Last Friday is had my fist few games with my Mother tier4 list.

Iron Mother Directrix & Exponent Servitors (*4pts)
* Corollary (3pts)
* Mitigator (4pts)
* Prime Axiom (19pts)
* Prime Axiom (19pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Accretion Servitors (1pts)
Attunement Servitors (2pts)
Reflex Servitor (2pts)
Reflex Servitor (2pts)
The tier bonuses are:

Increased Fa for servitor solos by1
Vectors gain pathfinder on turn1
Servitor solo’s gain advanced deployment
Axiom’s launch servitor ability launches 3 instead of 1 servitor on turn 1

As these games were my first with convergence I made some rather large mistakes as well.
I played my first game against skorne and the second against ret.

Main conclusions:
Induction isn’t something you can master instantly. It’s a huge help, but you need to plan around it. Making sure vectors don’t spread out to much and all vectors end up having the focus they require.
The axiom is a beast and bringing two is just godly. The axiom is a dream vector, it’s ranged capabilities are great and the fact that they work perfectly alongside the melee options is just icing on the cake.
Mother is pretty solid and she’s not just a backline caster.
The corollary is a godsend. It feels like playing with 11 focus and the some with Mother and induction factored in.

Thoughts on the models:

1. The servitors:
Wonderful little steel bundles of joy, ofc one type is always more useful than the other.

Reflex: I made my list with 2 groups of Reflex servitors, following the logic that they could hold off infantry long enough for the rest of the army to catch up. Reflex servitors in my opinion, exist for exactly that reason. Facing Skorne Nihilators they performed ok-ish, taking out a few, but they proved very sensitive to “run and engage” tactics. In the second game vs. Ret Halberdiers, they had fewer problems with being engaged; however they had a streak of either not hitting or not damaging, making those more like pretty fireworks than exploding mines of doom.
So Reflex servitors will go from 2 to 1 group in my list as they did pull some weight, but not at all in proportion to their number.

Elimination: Where the Reflex servitors failed, these little guys shone bright. They do not have any anti ranged tech, but make up for this by not being bothered with “run and engage” tactics; gunfighter is a key ability for them. Rat 5 would be a show stopper, if it weren’t for the option to aim and the availability of flare, making it possible to end up with Rat9, which is on the other side of the spectrum. In the first game the elimination servitors only took out a few Nihilators and some support models, this was in part because I tend to hold things back to much.
In the second game they actually whipped out half a unit of Halberdiers, and made me very happy.
After dropping one group of Reflex servitors from the list, I have 2 points to spare and these guys will fill that spot nicely.

Attunement: These guys are the oil that keeps the machine going smooth. -2Def is a nice debuff to hand out when most models on your side of the table have Rat 5. Combine that with the fact that the shot is a 3” aoe and as such even when you miss you could get a lucky scatter, and you have a nice package. They suffer from the same curse of low Rat the other models do, and getting close enough to targets often means no aiming, so choose the targets wisely as scatters are more often then not what you will be rolling.
A good work around is making use of objectives, models standing b2b with them are also hit by the aoe and even a low rat servitor can only miss an objective on double 1’s.
These guys are in the list and for good reason.

Accretion: A good word to describe these would be “situational”. They are very handy when you want to get that one system back up on a Vector, and they are even cheaper than the other vector types. The main reason for adding them to my list is the combination of costing only one point and the tier requiring 4 groups of servitors. Let’s face it, the repair from the Optifex Directive is quite a bit better than that of 3 Accretion servitors.
I like these guys, and they do make my list, but they will never make it to the MVP spot.

2. Vectors

Mitigator: Aoe 3” knockdown with puncture to the main target, it sounded very nice when reading the card. The range of this weapon (even with carrier group) wasn’t very helpful. The main reason this light vector would probe useful, would be when it were able to knock down a drag target so one of the axiom’s could have an easy hit.
During the 2 test games it didn’t show much promise and because of that I’m going to switch it with a Diffuser for the next round of play testing. Beacon and luck are nice and rng 11, 13 with carrier group is in line with the range of the Axiom.

Corollary: This thing is a squire on steroids and then some. Making mother’s control area 18”, effectively adding 4 focus to the allocation table (when correctly implementing induction ofc). Then there’s also the damage grid which prevents sniping it out with a random solo. I am at a point where I don’t think I’m going to build any lists without this little guy, because of this it’s no mystery that he’s in the list for good.

Axiom: Where to start, these things are monsters. Just using initials you can get up to 5 shots and 2 melee attacks. If you shoot the Tow cable, drag, use the free melee attack, repeat this with the 2nd tow cable and proceed with the initial Accelspiker followed by buying an extra attack with it, you get an effective number of 10 attacks with 1 focus spent. And then there’s the option to go for Tow cable, Accelspiker, Tow cable and proceeding to buy melee attacks as well.

In the first game I cleared 2 light Skorne war beasts on just ranged damage, there was no way to drag them over, and as it turned out there was no need either.

When facing more of a troop spam in the 2nd game vs. Ret, I applied pretty much the same order of events, puncture shot a model, make the Accelspiker shots, puncture shot a model. The puncture mechanic is nice because it shuts out the need for boosting on damage and pretty much ignores armor on single wound models.

Axioms working in tandem can both deal with infantry and hard targets, and that’s a good thing, the list wouldn’t be as viable without this. Spending that amount of points to end up with a list that can’t handle more than one thing would be really sad.

3. Units

Optifex Directive: These guys…. They make the list by default because they are a tier requirement. I’m happy to have them, repairs are handy. I have not had the need for magic weapons nor pathfinder so I know there will be games in the future which will allow this unit to fit into its role more. One thing to keep an eye out for, don’t let anything get range on them because they drop like flies. And since they are in many situations the best targets to go for, you don’t get second chances when you misplace them.

4. Mother!
Exponent servitors: or Mini Ayana’s as I have come to name them. They are very handy to get the upper hand on more armored targets. Most of their use comes around for the Axioms as most other models are either support or do puncture damage. The Axiom’s p+s 20 is already nice, and with the +2 to damage rolls, you are guaranteed to do at least 4 damage to armor 20 targets. Ofc since that’s with rolling double 1’s, you’ll get more than that on average (which would be 9 damage per attack)
The real sweetness lies within the CMD 10 which allows the servitors to be somewhat independent, and allows mother to remain further behind.

Mother: A nice focus pool, good spell list with nice utility, huge control area which allows for nice radar sweep measuring. The feat can make you have a rat 12 battle group with aiming and flare. (This is my definition of godlike).
Because of the corollary she can camp more focus and that takes her of the easy to kill at range list. The turns where multiple shrapnel swarms are a good option, are ofc a completely different story.

Conclusion for the next session:
More shooty servitors less explody one’s.
Keep the Axioms side by side and use them as a moving fortress.
Keep the optifex directive out of sight.
Try to make use of the Diffuser on prime targets.
Utilize all options available more (flare / +2 dmg/ Diffuser) in order to models more effective.

More play test experiences after next Friday.