Back to work.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, I just took a few weeks off, not just from blogging, I also put my painting on low priority.

I had just finished painting a ton of models for Cryx, then some more Skorne, which resulted in having 4 50pts lists fully painted, and yes I wanted some time off at that point đŸ˜€

I did do some painting however with no real time pressure. I did some work on the Skorne Ferox. This unit will no doubt finds its way into one of my lists at some point, but not at this time which means I don’t have the urge to put the mon the table, and as such I had plenty of time to finish them.

Last week I did have to rush the painting on 2 void spirits, I needed them for an all painted SR tournament.

The next few weeks will be a bit busier, as I have a new project, a Zaal theme force. Needless to say this list consists almost entirely off models I haven’t painted / assembled, and in some cases don’t yet own.

I will have to do some proxying while testing it out because I just don’t want to invest in multiple models of the same type without knowing if this list will be anything interesting for me.

So far I saw it being played in a video battrep and I liked the possibilities I saw, it also seems to give me the options I’m looking for.

I love how Fist of Halaak provides me with a melee punchline supported by ranged treat. Having access to melee and ranged, with both being good solid options is a nice thing.

I love my Mordrikaar list and it has some really nice options, however any form of ranged presence is not part of those options. The tier list I’m going to give a spin will reach Fist of Halaak levels in melee and will have a more precise and harder hitting ranged capability.

The only real question here is if this list will be able to handle Cryx at all. Since it’ll have 2 Raiders and a few extollers, it will handle stealth for sure, it’s volume of attacks I’m more worried about really. It’ll remain to be seen. And ofc with Cryx becoming less and less dominant in the faction spread at events, the “do I have a Cryx drop” question becomes less important. More on that later, I really need to test things out to get a good grasp on this list.

The next few weeks will (hopefully) have more painting updates. The Ferox are near completion, and all those models for the Zaal theme are going to get primed this week as well. Lucky for me stone statues don’t take the same effort as most other models.

I will also try to get the next video battrep out, it’s pXerxis vs eMorvana.

The next few months will be exciting for sure. I’m not sure what my lists will look like once the aradii and the hydra are released.

In the same way I am really looking forward to the releases in the next warmachine book, as a Convergence player I have been hoping for a new warcaster. The new colossal seems like it will only really synergize with the Modulator and that’s not much. So yea a new caster, who hopefully adds something completely new would be huge.

More on painting progress soon.

Painting Skorne #20: Molik Karn & Despoiler

I think I broke a personal record this week.

On Friday after our regular games we sat down with a few local players and discussed the games we played, our factions, list compositions etc.

I was looking into my Skorne lists and replacing Tibbers with Molik Karn seemed like a nice idea. Then I decided to give the Despoiler a shot in my Mordrikaar list instead of the bronzeback.

Changing lists a bit to mix things up is fun, but then you realize those models are not only unpainted, but also still in their box unassembled…

I started on those models Saturday evening, and assembled them along with some Ferox. And on Tuesday evening I had 2 finished beasts. I did less detailing than usual however I still did the gem work and highlighted certain portions like the cloth on Molik and his face etc. I also detailed his eye.

It’s more than tabletop standard, but not my best work.

I might just add some more glow effect to the Despoiler’s lanterns further down the line but I’m not sure yet at this point.

Here are the pics:


The Feroxx and Tyrant Rad are still on the table atm, they are primed and ready so I’ll start putting paint on those soon.

I’ll try to record some of the Skorne action this week, more on that soon.

Video battreps #3: eDenny vs pDoomshaper

I added some visual content (caster pics and army lists) in this new video. I also added some youtube sound so it isn’t just silent video. And to top it off I also doubled the speed so it’s not  1h46 anymore.

I plan on improving on the art and extras I add to these videos, but it will be a slow grow and I hope to improve on the concept with each video.

For now have fun watching:

Video battreps #2: Second video online

Yesterday evening I uploaded the second video to my youtube channel.

This one, like the first has no sound and no commenting. I have a 3rd video that I’m processing atm, which I will comment on.

Video editing takes up a lot of time and I’m learning it all bit by bit, so progress is slow. The video I uploaded this time is longer (1:46 compared to 0:44).

For the 3rd video I will try to add a voice over commenting on the play, and add in the usual parts such as army lists. I’m going to figure out how to show control points as well.

It’ll be a whole adventure into the unknown but I got this far so I’m sure I’ll manage.

Here’s the link for the 2nd battrep, enjoy!: link

Video battreps: baby’s first steps

A few weeks back when watching the PP twitch feed, another player in my local meta spoke the magic words “Why don’t we film our own battles?”.

A few days later I went shopping, well the intent was to look around and see what prices were like for various video cameras and tripods. I hit the jackpot when I saw that an interesting camera model was 50% off. And as it was the last one, I couldn’t really wait a few days and return, so I did what I’m good at “impuls buying”.

I am now the proud owner of a Canon Legria Mini.

It’s a small device but it does the job pretty fine. I also got a handy tripod.

Last week we set up one of the tables in order to film a first battle as a test. We made a few short vis to see how detailed everything on the table was and if we covered enough table space etc.

And ofc after that we recorded the first battle.

The recording was the easy part, I have never done video editing before, so editing the video took me longer than setting up equipment and filming.

I still need to make some art to show the casters and lists and other visuals to add during the battles perhaps. At this point I’m already happy I managed to record, edit and upload the video.

In the end it worked out and here is the first vid: Battle 001

More to come soon.

Painting Skorne #18: Almost done!

I was pretty sick the last week and a half, and since I was unable to do anything that involved getting up out of my chair/couch/bed. On the other hand I have always been unable to just lie down and do nothing, so I just set up my painting stuff and did some relaxed painting.

The result is pretty nice, I painted up a Krea, a Drake, the Swamp Gobbers and the mighty Maximus.

The Gobbers and Maximus are some really nice models, I really enjoyed painting those up.

Only one model remains before I can claim to have a fully painted up list pairing for Skorne, and I’m super happy with that. Hopefully I can show off that Willbreaker soon.

The effect on the sword is rather underwhelming on these pictures, I’ll see if I can make some with daylight soon, that may show the effects as they are in the flesh.

Painting Skorne #17: This is my fist, there are many like it, but this one is mine

I finished the last 4 models I required to have a fully painted 50 point list for pXerxis (Fist of Halaak theme force)

The next goals is to have my second list fully painted up, and I’m almost there, just need to paint another 5 models.

Models left: Krea, Willbreaker, Maximus, Gobbers crew.

I’m just struggling a bit on how Im going to approach the skintones for the krea and the gobbers. So that’ll be a small experiment.

Here are some pictures of the ffist on display:

No game experiences to report for the last week as I have been sick at home, and sadly even making this post is making me tired, so hopefully I get better in a few days. If I’m all healed up by Thursday I’ll have 2 days of battles to report on afterwards.

Some Variation required

Currently I have 1 game night each week, on Friday. And sometimes I get to 2 games, however most nights 1 game is all I can squeeze in.

This has a large impact on my learning curve. I play a game, make some misplays, draw some conclusions on how I should play things out next time and then my army goes into my bag for an entire week.

The best way to learn things in a constructive manner is by playing several games (I would say a minimum of 2) each time, so things learned in game 1 can be applied in game 2. This is also why playing in a tournament yields more experience than playing on regular game nights.

I am planning to squeeze in an additional game night when possible on Thursdays. This will give me more games each week and since my 2 game nights will be Thursday and Friday, I can apply my experiences from Thursday during my games on Friday. It won’t be the same as playing 3-4 games in a row like I would at an event, but it will be close enough.

The other change I will make, is mixing up the gameplay by taking Cryx off the shelves from time to time. I recently got more interested in my old faction again, and while I’m not thinking about switching back, I am considering dividing my time over the 2 factions.

For Skorne, my interest outside of Mordrikaar / Xerxis is limited, I see myself give Xerxis2 and Zaal a try, but at this point that’s about it. Now I love Fist and Mordrikaar so there’s no bad side to only playing those, except for it getting pretty boring if you do it over and over and…

The last few days I have discovered my interest in Cryx has returned, this provides a certain solution to my problem. I like most casters in Cryx and you can mix and match units/solo’s/jacks/casters pretty easy, so a fun list or 2 isn’t hard to assemble.

I won’t be switching to Cryx, what I will do is mix things up, going from Skorne to Cryx and back for game nights and events.

This should provide me with a broader view for my gameplay. And at this point I need to figure out some way to grow and to avoid stagnating. My gameplay is far from where I want it to be and mixing things up could be what I need to open up a fresh can of ideas.

My first stops on the Cryx trip will be Goreshade 3 and Mortenebra. G3 because I really want to take him for a spin and Morty because she’s number 1 in my book when fun is concerned.

I did set some goals before I can touch any Cryx models again. First my painting for my 2 50 Skorne lists has to be finished. (2 Incendiarii, 2 Arcuarii, krea, gobbers, willbreaker and Maximus to go) The Incendiarii and Arcuarii are halfway done and the other models will take about a week maybe 2 to get done so not to terrible for planning.

That’s all for now. I hope to get a painting update out this week, it will depend on how much time I can spend painting…

Skorne painting #16: Archidon

The Archidon is finished!

I used the model to test how I was going to go about the orange, and then pretty much left it at that. Having it just sitting on my desk unfinished was getting sad, so I decided to finish it. Also it’ll fit right into my eXerxis list so it needs to be finished sooner or later anyhow.