Video battreps: baby’s first steps

A few weeks back when watching the PP twitch feed, another player in my local meta spoke the magic words “Why don’t we film our own battles?”.

A few days later I went shopping, well the intent was to look around and see what prices were like for various video cameras and tripods. I hit the jackpot when I saw that an interesting camera model was 50% off. And as it was the last one, I couldn’t really wait a few days and return, so I did what I’m good at “impuls buying”.

I am now the proud owner of a Canon Legria Mini.

It’s a small device but it does the job pretty fine. I also got a handy tripod.

Last week we set up one of the tables in order to film a first battle as a test. We made a few short vis to see how detailed everything on the table was and if we covered enough table space etc.

And ofc after that we recorded the first battle.

The recording was the easy part, I have never done video editing before, so editing the video took me longer than setting up equipment and filming.

I still need to make some art to show the casters and lists and other visuals to add during the battles perhaps. At this point I’m already happy I managed to record, edit and upload the video.

In the end it worked out and here is the first vid: Battle 001

More to come soon.