EU Masters 2014 recap

Last weekend the EU Masters took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

84 players took part, which is only 6 less than the number of inscriptions, pretty much everyone made it to the event.

To give you an idea of the origin of the players and the faction spread, these are the graphs provided by the tournament organizers:

The faction spread, may be slightly off, as some players changed their faction between inscription and registration. (I’m one of those since I first chose Cryx and opted to bring Convergence in the end) And there’s a group called “No response”.

I had a great time this weekend, met lots of new people from all over Europe; saw some familiar faces as well. The social aspect of these events is just as fun as the competition.
The event lasted its full 7 rounds, it almost ended at round 6 but there was no clear winner yet, so we got to play it out.

I faced Minions, Trolls, Ret and Khador on Saturday and Khador, Cygnar, Trolls on Sunday.

The first game vs. Minions, he chose Lord Carver and I went with Lucant as I had no experience with Piggies at all. Turns out they pack a huge punch and one shot entire units of Reciprocators while in shield wall. The Scenario was Destruction.

I ended up going second after the roll off. I moved the Lucant brick forward, attrition was going well. The fact that he failed pretty much all of his tough checks was a great help.
When his 3 heavies got in charge range, I had to use the feat the turn after because 3 charging war beasts is never a good thing. Turns out it just postponed the event for a turn.
I was able to drag in one of the war beasts with the Axiom, leaving it on 1 box, and then put an elimination servitor into play in the beasts back arc. The servitor aimed, and did the last point of damage.

1 of the 2 units was wiped out by the Reciprocators, as I said before tough is a nice ability, but the dice favored me and none of them made it.

I made the crucial mistake of not sacrificing Obstructors to keep the objective alive. This costed me dearly because he managed to score a point for the objective and dominated the zone that same turn, leaving us at 3-0 for scenario.

It also didn’t help that it was his feat turn. The first heavy left the Axiom on 3 boxes, the second boxed the axiom and then went on to destroy the entire unit of Reciprocators in one go. I was left with enough models to continue the fight, however with his zone presence and the inability to get something into the zone that wasn’t going to be removed with ease, he won on scenario.

Again, remembering the special properties of the objectives could have won me this game, something to remember for next time.


The second game vs. Troll bloods, I went in knowing the faction is a hard match-up for COC in general. Having a really experienced troll player at the LGS is always a good preparation for such match-ups.

The troll player didn’t opt for his Runes of war list, and went with eMadrak instead. That made me happy inside, Runes of war and Meat Mountain are just up-hill battles with no real positive outcome in sight.

We roll off to decide who gets to go first, he wins the roll and decides to go first. I look at the table and the terrain, and realize that there’s a wall placed diagonally on one side. This got me thinking, trolls want to get to my Axiom and they want to get as many models is as possible. He is also fielding burrowers, so he’s able to approach free of opposition.
I choose the side with the wall and on turn one I run the axiom so it’s about half an inch removed from it, making it so that it blocks access to half the axiom’s base.

As it turns out this was a golden move. Turn 2 the Burrowers manage to charge the axiom, only 4 make it (technically 5, one was boxed by triggering Watcher). The first damage rolls were spiking so hard I feared for the axioms life even with the limited exposure. Then the rolls averaged out and Axiom was alive and well.

Next the Fenblades popped their mini feat and charged the Axiom, because of the wall and placement of the Burrowers not a single Fenblade made it in melee range. The Buffalo cav was next, one made it to the Axiom, and it was still alive. He then feated, with minimal effect since those who were in melee were still the same 6 models and they did minor damage.

Now on my turn, the 6 Optifex Directive models made repairs as well as 1 foundry, and Axiom was brand new. In retaliation, the axiom did a sweep attack and boxed 4 burrowers and a Buffalo. He bought 2 attacks boxing another 2 burrowers, after which the unit failed its command check.

The rest of the game the Obstructors kept the Buffalo’s busy; with neither unit gaining ground, the Obstructors kept returning and even with combined attacks they failed to remove more than 1 Buffalo. On the bright side, the Buffalos were occupied and didn’t do anything more use full.

I noticed during the game that my opponent really had a fixation for removing the Axiom so I spent most of my effort in making sure he kept his focus on it and in return my other models were left alone.

The game resulted in a win for me by Death clock. The list simply put itself in place and stayed there winning on attrition. The simple activations (shield wall order, move attack rinse repeat) make the list easy to handle time wise. The recursion means the other player has to face the same models over and over. Repair makes the match-up look like a hordes one, as with beasts, a jack left alive, is a jack that’s fully operational the next turn.


The 3rd match on Saturday, I faced a Ret player, and since he had Ossyan as one of his 3 list options, I knew what he would choose from the start. Once Again I was fielding Lucant.
I was really happy when I didn’t see the mage hunter strike force in his list, that unit would have been a serious problem under the feat, and would have been a guarantee for Axiom’s demise.

Turn 2 he provides his halberdiers with desperate pace and Quicken, they charge my Reciprocators, do minimal damage, and they will end up being slowly eaten away by the unit of recips over the course of the game. The recips were already touching the zone so I did not mind them staying exactly where they were.
On the other end the obstructors also had a foothold in the zone and the axiom was in as well.
Deceleration as usual was a money maker vs. a ranged list. With Stormfall archers, missing their to hit rolls and then doing no damage on the scatter due to high armor values with shield wall.

Eiryss was removed trough an 8 man combined melee attack from the Obstructors. Later on Ayana shared the same fate. (Ofc this was after she kissed the Axiom good night.)
I had the pleasure of charging in the corollary with positive charge on it and using a slam attack to knock down the Banshee.
When the ranged models on his side met up in melee with the obstructors they were removed one by one. The opponent ended up death clocking himself, another win for Lucant.


The 4th and final game of the day I had to face Khador (I really have a dislike for this match-up, doesn’t even matter which caster / list, Khador just isn’t fun to play against)
He opted for Irusk and I decided it was time for Mother to enter the ring.
Obviously I ended up losing; winning against Khador would have been a serious feat, unless the Khador player was clueless, which he was far from.
Fun moments were one-shotting an Ulan with the Monitor and Modulator shenanigans. The rest of the game involved not being able to do much at all and ending up with a loss on scenario.

I had high hopes of this being my final Khador match-up so I stood a chance in getting to at least 3 wins. Then we got the pairings for the first round of day 2 and I got Khador again.


Day2, first game, Khador, Butcher3… I played Synth, because all lists had to be played once and it was going to be a loss by default. It was a normal aggressive Butcher 3 game, he ran turn 1, he ran turn2, he won con caster kill turn 3.

The second game was a very possible win, facing Cygnar (eStryker) with Lucant, but I made a big mistake from the start. I won the start off roll and decided to go first, leaving the other player the choice of side. This meant he put me on the side with the house in the middle of the table, forcing me to split up and go around it.
Normally the Recips can hold their own and don’t have much to fear, Rebuke changes that. I managed to put stuff in contest range for a few turns, but lost on scenario in the end.


The 7th and final round I got another Troll match-up, and I had to face the famous Meat Mountain, it went horrible, needing shield wall and a feat to match the armor values on the other end and Mulg munching Colossal with ease, the attrition game was impossible to maintain. Another scenario loss.


So end result: 2/5, 3 losses due to horrible odds, 1 due to not knowing the opposing faction and 1 due to horrible starting choice.

I had a few bars set for the event:
-Win at least one game.
-Don’t end up on the last spot
-Don’t end up last of the LGS group present at the event.

I won 2 games so the first goal was met, I ended on the 70th place so while not a spectacular performance, and I’m more than ok with this. I was 4th out of the 5 players from my LGS, and since I’m the newest player I’m happy with that.
I have been playing this faction seriously for about 2 months now, so the result is pretty nice in perspective.

While there are clear limitations to COC as a faction, and the bar is set pretty high in order to play them on a decent level, they provide me with the most joy while playing out of all warmachine factions I have tried.

I can honestly say I have found my main Warmachine faction.

Now the challenge is to have a hordes faction I enjoy playing so I can get a better understanding of the workings of the Fury system and so I can play something other than COC from time to time, as a small faction with limited model count, becomes rather boring after a while. More on that later.


Expect painting / playing experiences on both COC and Skorne soon.

Road to the EU Masters 2014 #2

First of all, the blog hit 500+ views this week, so a big thank you to all of you who come here and read my ramblings 😀

This week I got 3 games in, Lucant vs. eTagrosh, Mother vs. pGrissel and Lucant vs. Siege.

The Mother game was to give our local Trolls player an idea of how she plays. It was a bad match-up for Mother from start to finish, and if I had won that game I’d have been amazed. Not only is Mother not in her prime vs. Hordes in general, the list she runs atm is focused on removing single wound infantry by the bunches and fast.

It’s not a wonder she had less success when facing multi-wound infantry that’s tough to crack…

In the eTagrosh game, I made about 4 really crucial mistakes, we ended up with just 6 models left on the table and it was an attrition battle all the way.

The first big mistake was not positioning better for scenario. The legion forces took advantage of their superior speed and went straight for the friendly flag in order to get dominate points early on. Knowing I would take a while to get there, this was a more than sound strategy.

I made a move toward my own friendly flag with the same idea in mind. The big mistake at this point was forgetting to trigger Watcher twice in a row, when he moved in the Raek’s to hold up my advance towards his flag.

If I had triggered it I would have been able to move the inverter in closer, sparing me a whole bunch of movement activations the next turn to get the same result. And Lucant would have had the option to go to the flag and dominate.

I blame the fact that I was exhausted from lack of sleep.

He committed 2 Scytians to take down Axiom; I took down both the Scytians with Lucant and the inverter. So I was down an axiom (my power hitter) and he was down 4 beasts.

After some more back and forth, his Seraph charges Lucant (wasn’t camping much, can’t recall exactly how much at all), and ofc he hits and rolls triple box cars on damage, Lucant goes down.

I don’t know how I contracted this curse, but since Clogcon, when people try to assassinate my caster they roll triple box cars on damage somehow, it’s the 6th time or so and I am starting to get suspicious of it 😀

The last game was Lucant vs. Siege. Spoiler Siege dies…

The scenario was incursion.

Siege had a nice shot at winning on assassination, but the Siege player made some strange choices on his feat turn. In terms of attrition, he fell behind from the start, having trouble getting trough the shield wall + deceleration with POW 10’s. He also got Eiryss in charge range of half a unit of Obstructers who chose to go for a 5 man combined melee attack. In the end I had a unit of Recips around the flag in shield wall with set defense and the center field had models from both players, so no scoring was going to be done any time soon.

The Siege player ended the game when he didn’t see any solutions to keep me from scoring that didn’t give me a clean pick at Siege the turn after.

Tonight we are having a Tuesday game night again (getting as many games in before the EU masters as possible). I hope to have maybe 2 games (playing brick style means long games so it might get tied down to just one game)

I’ll see if I can get a small report up after. (And I should really take the effort of documenting my games in more detail, which I will do after the Masters.)

I also have a small painting update, my 2nd unit of Optifix Directive is done, and as such I will have a full range of painted models at the EU Masters.

Left on the painting/ assembly list are: 3 units of Angels, Aurora, Axis, Perforators, my second unit of Reductors and Reciprocators, the additional arms and heads for the hover jacks, my 2nd Mitigator.

Still some models to go until I have a fully painted faction indeed.

Once I get some testing done with Axis’ tier list, I just might order a second unit of obstructers and 2 more foundries, but time will tell, and for now I don’t want to invest in those models as they won’t see play outside the tier list.

And ofc if PP ever decides to release the rumored Battle engine the faction is supposed to receive one day at an undisclosed time (^^), I will take 2.

That’s all for now, I will try to post either this week on my battles tonight or after the EU Masters.



Painting the Convergence part11: Axiom 2

Back when I finished up my first Axiom, I had this crazy idea to make 2 axioms work on the tabletop, sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

So while one was finished and has seen much table time, the other remained bottom half finished, top half primed.

Since the only item left on the to do list for the EU masters is a unit of Optifex Directive, I decided to side track a bit and finish the top half.

I like how the first one turned out better, but I can’t say I’m unhappy with it either.



Painting the Convergence part9: Syntherion and the Enigma Foundries

This week I was able to assemble the last of my support models (the 2nd unid of Optifex Directive, the 2nd Enigma Foundry and a 2nd Mitigator)

As far a painting goes, I was able to finish Syntherion and the 2 Enigma Foundries.

Syntherion while a verry nice model, sadly suffers from the same issues as the small based plastic units, details are not there, flash everywhere etc. So I cleaned as much as pissible and painted as best I could, but i feel that if he were metal and detailed correctly I could have made this model look much better.

The Enigma Foundries turned out pretty well.

Next up are the hover jacks (3 chassis) and all their magnetized bits. (I ordered a 4th kit to make Dual Assimilator and dual Modulator possible in my Mother list)

After that, only 1 unit of Optifex Directive and 1 heavy vector chasis remain in order to get everything fully painted for the EU Masters.


Once I’m done I’ll post pictures of the 3 lists completed.



Road to the EU Masters 2014 #1

As promised some more in-depth views on my lists after another round of games.

First here are the 3 lists I am currently using and will be taking to the masters (aside from some tweaking when needed)

System: Warmachine
Faction: Convergence of Cyriss
Casters: 1/1
Points: 50/50
Father Lucant, Divinity Architect (*5pts)
* Corollary (3pts)
* Inverter (8pts)
* Prime Axiom (19pts)
Obstructors (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Reciprocators (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)

System: Warmachine
Faction: Convergence of Cyriss
Casters: 1/1
Points: 50/50
Iron Mother Directrix & Exponent Servitors (*4pts)
* Corollary (3pts)
* Assimilator (8pts)
* Assimilator (8pts)
* Modulator (6pts)
* Modulator (6pts)
Obstructors (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Reductors (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Accretion Servitors (1pts)
Attunement Servitors (2pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)

System: Warmachine
Faction: Syntherion – The Great Machine
Casters: 1/1
Points: 50/50
Tiers: 4
Forge Master Syntherion (*6pts)
* Corollary (3pts)
* Diffuser (3pts)
* Galvanizer (0pts)
* Cipher (9pts)
* Modulator (6pts)
* Monitor (8pts)
* Prime Axiom (19pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (1pts)
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (1pts)
Attunement Servitors (2pts)

Pretty much all the lists I’m testing are either made by Jason Watt or Will Pagani. (All COC players should be thankful that they are so openly contributing to the faction)  You may call me lazy for not coming up with my very own unique lists. But then again, as Will voiced it himself, since someone already did all the effort in testing lists and model combo’s, why would we do this all over.

I’m pretty horrible at list building to be honest. List tweaking is a different story; I just seem to need a solid foundation to build further on.

As for the games, I have played 6 games in total since I got back on the Convergence horse and as such the experiences are still limited.

Last Friday Lucant had 1 game and Mother got 2 (I really needed to test the list) and it was my lucky day since we had a surprise visit from a pretty good Cryx player. And Cryx drops are best used on Cryx lists 😀

Considering my first 2 games with this unfamiliar list were against pSkarre and pDenny I don’t really mind the fact I lost both. As usual I was trying out farfetched plays to see if they had a chance or not.

Overall Satyxis Raiders combined with Blood witches under their mini feat are a huge challenge. I dare say when not aiming they might as well have [immunity] Convergence on their card. I managed to kill a bunch but far from the amount required.

The funny part was that I was hindered by their def stats more than the Skarre feat, since puncture was a thing and pow 13 sprays do pretty well vs Armor 18.

So The first game with Mother was vs pSkarre. The list had infantry everywhere, Satyxis raiders, blood witches, mctralls, and bloodgorgers. And ofc ample support, necro surgeons, Gerlak, raider captain, warwitch siren and a few scrappies for sacrificial strike.

Due to the setup of the terrain, there was one really unpleasant side with 2 forests leaving a narrow passage in-between, and the other side had a hill, an obstruction (building) and a wall. I won the roll off, and due to the terrain, I opted to go second and choose the better side.

As always his first turn involved the Satixys raiders running and getting ready to be in the way. He didn’t use desperate pace from the captain, which was clever because convergence has snail speed and this made it possible for him to charge next turn.

I tried to see if Obstructors had any survivability when running forward instead of walking in shield wall. Turns out, they die really fast when not in said shieldwall. Still, at the time I wanted to make sure so it wasn’t off the drawing board quite yet.

Except for the above the rest was just run up for both players. Turn 2 the raiders charged and had some mild success in killing obstructors (filled up the foundries nothing lost yet, which does add up to 6/10 obstructors boxed)

Then on my turn I discovered the most challenging part of this list, keeping the foundries close enough to the front line to add obstructors, without them blocking the movement of the reductors and avoiding them being easy to catch for the enemy models.

Needless to say I had huge placement issues and the foundries never reached their potential as intended.

The lessons to take from this game are really:

don’t run Obstructors, walk them in shield wall for 5, and let them walk an additional 3″ after the activations using tactical supremacy. It’s just 2 inches less movement compared to running and it makes Satyxis cry, or at least they’ll have a hard time even on their mini feat turn.

The Assimilators don’t need LOS for ground pounder, so I might as well run them side by side blocking line of sight to mother when needed. When using the groundpounder they don’t get to aim either so, keeping them mobile and shooting isn’t an issue either really.

The reductors really need to aim when facing def 16 (like that’s a mystery^^), so in order for that to work they need to be in position the turn before they want to make their attacks, so I need to learn to plan that in advance.

When facing Cryx don’t think “Mothers behind a wall that’ll keep her safe” because it doesn’t.

In short I use the “Brick” approach with Synth and Lucant and well it seems Mother is a prime candidate for this as well.

For my second game, I faced pDenny. instead of getting swamped with Raiders I got swamped by ranged attacks, again Obstructors don’t do well when not using shield wall, this was my final test on trying to run them first turn so I would get the extra range. From now on they will always be in shield wall.

The reductors cleared pretty much all the bane thralls in front (and tough rolls were plenty), so they really made me proud.

A lesson well learned is to ground pounder the flag, since there’s no take up when all models are in the aoe and getting damaged simultaneous. (well there is take up, but only if models survive, not straight after the flag fails it’s tough check)

The modulator is a beast, especially at 6 points. Shooting and hitting a model without stealth and boxing the 2 stealth models in between is so nice and as it turns out pretty consistent. Having 2 means having 4 shots and at 2 models per shot that nets you the same result as 8 shots, but wait, there’s more. With most of my shots I hit 3 models; making it the equivalent of 12 shots, and that boys and girls is why this jack is golden. The Modulator is starting to become my favorite jack, then again nothing beats Axiom.

The 3rd game I opted for my Lucant list (in Hindsight my Syntherion list might have done better). I faced off against a Legion player who brought Rhyas (her tier list even).

SO Typhon, 2 full units of swordsmen with ua, a shepherd, 2 min units of warmongerers and their solo, a naga and a harrier. (Might have had a Succubus as well, not sure)

I won the roll off and went first. Deployed the lucant brick pretty central. The scenario had 2 12″ diameter zones so I had to be able to go either way.

The Legion forces spread out putting a unit of swordsmen and warmongerers on each side. Typhon and the naga at the center.

Due to the awesome speed of my models I barely made it to the tip of both zones on turn 2. Not having the units go shieldwall would have resulted in no units turn 3. I ended up winning on attrition for one zone and losing on scenario because of the other. I delayed my downfall by trampling the axiom into the zone. But so many wpn master attacks later he was gone.

Good moves:
Axiom trampling to save the day.
Axiom spawning an elimination servitor which aimed and shot a shepherd.
Triggering watcher to move a jack and not attacking causing it to remain active and then triggering it again to kill the model that charged in after.

Bad moves:

Enigma foundries kept to far back.
Not moving Axiom into the zone earlier.
Forgetting sweep is a thing when engaged with 1.5 units of models.

I had a blast and learned a bunch once again (more than when playing Cryx I dare say) and I can’t wait to have another afternoon of warmachine this week.

Painting the Convergence part8: Obstructors, Reductors, Transverse enumerators and Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex

I have gone straight into a painting frenzy once again, because I simply dislike playing unpainted models. I don’t mind playing against unpainted models; however my own little dudes need to be prepped and ready to go.

The reductors and obstructors turned out ok, despite the quality of the kits being very basic. I had slight remark regarding the flash on other kits, but this all pales in comparison to what I found in these boxes. The parts don’t just have flash issues, they are just not properly casted at all, and details missing everywhere…It just made me sad.

Lucky enough since they are pretty small and thing it doesn’t all stand out as much and the paint job hides most of the horrible details so it doesn’t show on the tabletop.


The Convergence has really sweet looking solo’s, there’s no other way to say it. These ware looking exceptional unpainted and they look even better now I have painted them up.

I also love how the 2 models types shown require virtually no glue at all.

I “experimented” with the cloth parts; I did 1 solo using a nuln oil wash and the other using a seraphim sepia wash.

Next up are the enigma foundries (2), Syntherion, a unit of Optifex Directive and a Mitigator.

The magic eightball said “Convergence”

As the title reveals I ended up choosing Convergence over Cryx.

I will still play Cryx in the future, but for the upcoming events and the EU Masters, I will be playing Convergence.

The first important thing, I had to do was make a clean slate. My past experiences were without the Enigma Foundry, and this is a very important support piece.

I played 3 games last Friday, lost each single one of them, but learned lots of things in the process. Also it wasn’t like the previous playtests; I actually had game instead of being completely annihilated from the start…

The main conclusion regarding the somewhat improved results with the faction is that indeed with more information / matches from larger events available, it is easier to get a grasp of how things (should) play on the tabletop.

I’m currently testing lists for Father Lucant, Syntherion, Mother Directrix and Aurora. Father and Synth are both making the 3 list cut, so 3red list spot will depend on the performance of my Aurora / Mother lists.

Lucant is a brick list; the point is to take the alpha strike and to retaliate afterwards. And ofc to be impervious to shooting lists. Weaknesses to watch out for here are lists that play fast on scenario as the list is fairly slow. Scenarios with multiple zones can make the brick less useful as well. And ofc jamming is a prime weakness of this list.

Synth, is an all jack list (Tier4 ofc), main weakness would be purification and also jam lists. With his Rat5 shooting options are actually options, because let’s face it, RAT3 or even 2 doesn’t really doesn’t make me think of shooting things (yes there be flares, but not always and everywhere). I had an Assimilator in the list at the start, but I have since replaced it with a monitor. Reason? Well the Gorman / Eiryss tag team is very resistant to having to roll to hit, and while a groundpounder ignores stealth, it still doesn’t have a real way around high def. (again, except flare…)

While Flare can be seen as +2 RAT, an Assimilator still can’t use AIM for groundpounder shots. When the monitor aims that’s +2 Rat by itself, if you manage to get Flare up, that’s +4 (I’ll take +4 over +2 any day).

True, the groundpounder is an aoe, while the Monitor’s shot is just that, a single shot.  However, for solo hunting, ROF1 is the key element for both. Unless the other player decides to put his solos base to base, the aoe element isn’t really an advantage for solo hunting, when you have to roll for each model under the aoe anyway with ground pounder.

If the Mitigator was RNG11 instead of 7, I would argue that having 2 of them instead of one Assimilator was better for solo hunting. Aiming, possible knockdown, if it misses and doesn’t deviate too much, still a point of damage to all models under the aoe…seems pretty nice to me, but less so at range 7.

The Monitor has RNG 13, which is compared to the RNG 11 on the Assimilator that’s a bonus. The pow of the Monitor’s weapon is also higher and has the possible Brutal shot.

Conclusion, the Monitor wins in range, accuracy and pow.

This is ofc when making a choice for that solo hunting option in a list. For a more range oriented infantry hunting list (Like my Mother list), the combination of both jacks is a very nice option indeed.

Mother, is a special little creature, I playtested her in the past, and her teamforce seems like a trap, and so does taking an Axiom in her list. Axiom is a very good combined arms piece, but where it’s ranged attacks are a good complement to its melee attacks in lists with Synth or Lucant, Mother seems to like more specialized shooting options.

Having a Monitor to hunt for stealth models with some accuracy, one or more Assimilators (I currently have 2 in the list) for infantry removal and a cheap Modulator, already presents a nice ranged package.

This list obviously geared towards infantry spams, and with Mothers shrapnel swarm added to the mix, even high armor infantry is in trouble.

For Aurora I made a infantry list, she brings tool to support it and the Reciprocator / Reductor is also a good infantry remover. So far the list still has to impress me, which doesn’t mean it hasn’t shown good options on the tabletop. The assassination potential does make her different from the other casters in faction, and the movement shenanigans also make her play differently, so yea she’ll be an interesting model to learn to play.

I’m playing more games tomorrow and I’ll analyze those games more in-depth afterwards.

Cryx or Convergence, choose one, choose wisely.

I’m one of those players who can’t seem to find a faction that clicks 100%.

Is this a bad thing? Who knows, however I am certain it isn’t a very good thing.

I currently own 4 factions, Retribution, Cryx, Convergence and Legion. (There’s also a Circle bbox on my shelves but that’s for PG purposes ^^)

Retribution was my starting faction, and in hindsight it wasn’t a good place to start from. I love the look and fluff side of them elves, I just don’t like where they take me on the tabletop. I am sure I’ll put them on the table again some time, however not for any events, just for a quick game or to help others test their list against a retribution setup.

Legion, well there’s an interesting faction… I had the brilliant idea to start playing some hordes just to get some insider info on how hordes plays. And ofc if I liked it I wouldn’t be against staying on, the horde side of things. In the end it just didn’t appeal as much to me as it seemed and I pulled the plug early before investing too much into the faction. By no means do I think hordes isn’t just as fun / good as warmachine, I just like playing machines and focus more than bests and fury. Personal choice really.

Cryx, I love them for what they can do, I partially like the whole nightmare empire theme. What I don’t really like is how much of what the faction can bring isn’t really a play-worthy option in the current meta.

There’s an ongoing discussion on the Cryx forum atm regarding what Cryx fears on the tabletop (find it here), it pretty much comes down to high def, lists with lots of shooting,pHaley.

The main problem for Cryx these days is that pretty much every faction has easy answers to them, while Cryx doesn’t have good answers to counter those options. Khador lists with Winterguard sitting at Def 17 and Joe to make them sure to hit, add in an old witch feat and it gets really hard, not impossible, but really hard.

As a newer player in general (just over 2 years of playing once every week), and the newest player in my meta, I think playing Cryx is actually not as easy as compared to playing more players on equal skill level. Our meta is also more competitive when it comes to list building, and as such the anti-Cryx list is a frequent flyer for all players.

I do notice a positive side to it all, when I go to a regular steam roller and get matched to players who are in my skill bracket, I am able to pull off a win because they simply don’t get the same amount of work done with models that on a regular game night would cripple my list and send it home.

In the long run ofc since a ranged Khador list cleans up infantry swarm on turn 2, and leaves nothing to really respond with, I don’t get to learn much except for, “you stepped over the AD line, big mistake”

I want to try a Goreshade 3 list really bad, but I can’t think of an anti-Cryx list in my meta that doesn’t have easy answers to incorporeal.

I’m taking Cryx to the masters in The Netherlands in September, and I keep losing myself in which caster to bring and which list to build. Currently I am looking at Ghaspy3, eDenny and eSkarre. I just played a few games with Mortenebra and I really liked her. Plus as stated before I’m dying to try out 3Shade. So lots of back and forth thinking there.

Last but not least Convergence. I picked up the faction when the release dates for the 2nd vector chassis and enigma foundry were known and I own all models now. (Still need a 2nd unit of Optifex directive and an Enigma Foundry)

This is by far the most appealing faction to me; I simply love how all the models look. After the Masters I am going to give them a run again, the first attempt was rather sad, not having much of a knowledge base on the faction was a big hindrance.

Now with players making it to the top in events and more lists / play styles becoming known, it is less complex to start at the bottom of the faction learning curve. I also know to side step the trap called “Iron Mother”. At first I liked her and I really wanted to make her work, but it just didn’t. I am inclined to join Will Pagani’s train of thought that she is the lowest ranking caster in the faction joined by Axis.

While thinking of convergence I start doubting if I shouldn’t just get it over with and start playing them again now, and take them to masters instead. I don’t see my chances improving much either way. Model stats and spell lists are still not known by heart for Cryx so not much of a difference if I have to get used to the convergence spells and stats.

So the internal debate I will be having with myself until Friday’s game night will be “Cryx or Convergence, choose one, choose wisely.”

Convergence: my impression and the conclusion that follows

A while ago, I started to playtest and theorymachine and quite a bit of trial and error was involved. Convergence looks so amazing, and I wanted this to be my faction so much.

I am positive that at some point they actually will be my faction, or atleast my second faction.

My warmachine history started with a cryx battlebox, and since then I built up my retribution army, then made a relapse into cryx, which lead me to convergence, and in the end I landed right back with Retribution.

I am far from a “top” player, and I feel that for convergence you somehow need to be. Just knowing the rules and the models isn’t enough to play “ok” with convergence. Comparing the factions I’m familiar with, Cryx obviously is the most forgiving one, and has quite the amount of options. And I never had a moment where I couldn’t choose between 5 casters for a tournament when I played Cryx.

Ret used to be first on my “steep learning curve” list, and when I played them that was pretty much the truth. Now with convergence, I feel like that spot has been taken over. Specially taking into account the recent releases for Ret in Vengence.

So if I had to sum up the factions based on my experience:

Cryx: Good casters, manny and decent options for units/solos etc. Good faction to start off with. Tournament play is slightly harder since ppl bring anti cryx lists, and so you’ll be playing lists tailored to counter exactly what you put on the table.

My greatest miss in cryx was the ranged aspect. Cryx is a verry much magic / melee faction and while ranged lists/ options exist, they are far from the factions focus. This is part of why I like Cryx less while I still think it’s a really nice faction to play.

It goes without saying that I put Cryx on top of the list when deciding which of the factions I own is more powerfull. Powerfull doesn’t mean unbeateable, far from even. However it’s a faction which has a different way of playing than most so it requires a different approach when you play against it, and thats an advantage on it’s own.

Retribution: Much more ranged options, and more ranged oriented in manny ways. However this doesn’t mean the melee or even magic options are missing. The faction has been able to swing either way for a long time, it just couldn’t handle several hard counters.

Recently with the release of models such as the Houseguard Thane and Issyria, stealth has become less of a hinderance, and before Epic Vyros allowed for a verry different playstyle using a multitude of light jacks.

I have always found the small caster pool to be a bottleneck for the faction, specially pré Vengence where the faction really didn’t have any caster really worth calling A rank, much less S rank (the place where Epic Lich and such dwell) Now with the latest caster release they are getting much closer to bringing a A rank caster pairing to an event.

Convergence: Lot’s of options for a small model pool, good synergy between the odels, and induction really allows you to run a larger number of jack without running out of focus. I initially tried to see if I could achieve a decent ranged setup using Mother, and it was close but still didn’t quite stand up to the test in the end? The low rat outside of the feat turn, and dependency onflare and aiming make it far less interesting to play the ranged game.

More jacks meant the volume of attacks compared to a more infantry oriented list was much lower and against mechanicks like tough that is a huge factor.

There’s no doubt that with more play time and experience I could make this faction work, it just doesn’t seem it will be easy.

Short term I’m going to go back to playing Retribution, the faction finally got a nice round of releases in the last book and I don’t want to let it go to waste. I also feel that it will be smoother to continue playing convergence when more information gets out on how list combinations work out, because starting from scratch leads to getting crushed on the tabletop and that gets old fast.

I already signed up for the European masters in Rotterdam in September, so I’m going to be working towards that event. I’ll keep posting my findings/lists and results here, and ofc my painting adventures.

I still have a few units and the second jack chassis to finish for convergence and sme units and solo’s for ret, so no shortage for models to paint.