Painting Retribution Part 1: the start and the why

In August 2015 I made a post on how I had started stripping some of my Retribution models with the intent of repainting them.

At the time I was searching for a faction to play and ended up investing in some Khador, so my Retribution revamp project was pushed aside.

Now with the announcement of MK3 a couple of months ago, the time had come to see which options I had to answer the big question ‘Which faction will I play in MK3’.

They way I saw it 3 options were possible. I either continued to play Convergence, or I would return to playing either Skorne of Retribution.


Cryx would be possible because I have the models, but right now I’m not considering them.

The announcement of MK3 took all the fun out of building MK2 lists and spending time learning model interactions etc., so it left a huge gap in my hobby time. And what better way to fill said gap then with painting right?

I still have a limited amount of Skorne and COC models around that I need to paint, but not real substantial amounts so nothing really pressing for painting. Retribution on the other hand was painted, however it was horrible. If I was to play this faction again as a main faction, it would need an overhaul. So I decided to pick up that project again.

I had a scheme in mind, and I still had a unit of sentinels and riflemen who were only primed. I added one of my Griffons and I had a nice “test” batch to try my scheme on.

Results were pleasing and I decided I would keep the scheme.


Since then I have also completed all my heavy and most light jacks (except for 1 aspis and like 6 Griffons) and even finished Hyperion.

On Hyperion I did encounter an issue with the paint stripping. It dates from a period where colossals were just coming out and PP (so it would seem) was still experimenting with the materials for their resin.

As a result certain parts had a strange reaction to the stripping fluid. Nothing extreme but not desired either, I’m just glad only the shoulder arcnode thingies got the worst of it and the rest was doing ok afterwards.


Just to give you an idea of how horrible their paint jobs were before, here are some of the older pics:

Hyperion is looking a lot better right now that’s for sure. And ofc this is how you prove that over the years you have gotten a bit

Right now I’m giving the warcasters a new paintjob, this will take some more time so a sneak peek is all I’ll give right now:


To continue the great which faction should I play discussion, the spoilers given by PP have steered me in the direction of the angry elves for sure and it’s the only battle box that I can buy that contains some “useful” models. I can see use for a second Chimera, a second Shyeel chassis to magnetize is welcome as well. (Currently I have one jack magnetized, and I may magnetize one Vyre chassis I still have in reserve)

So I would also end up with Griffon number 8 which may or may not be a good thing… time will tell how spammy we can go using jacks and that little guy is a real good package for its point value.

Convergence looks pretty solid, however it seems like it’ll come down to “you have to play those 2 casters” again since theme forces are gone and the casters will only receive minor tweaks. And my main fear with the faction is boredom from playing the same thing over and over. So as currently spoiled Convergence is not an option for me.

When looking at Skorne and Retribution, I lean towards Ret more and their spoiler was pretty great, so for now that means I will most likely go with Ret. the jury isn’t out yet but I think the only thing that could change my mind now would be some really interesting Convergence rules out of nowhere, and that’s pretty unlikely.


Suddenly Khador

I have been playing Skorne for a good while no wand while I love the faction and will keep putting them on the table in the future, I find the weakness vs Cryx to be an obstacle I can’t cross.

This doesn’t mean I think Skorne is defenseless against Cryx, I just don’t like the odds and more specifically Skarre1 with 30 banes is a question I just can’t find the answer to.

The less versatile playstyle compared to other factions is also contribution to me wanting to shake things up. The beat face approach is cool and rewarding however it becomes rather bland after several months.

The fact that Mordrikaar doesn’t seem to click for me is one of my issues. This is a personal problem which has nothing to do with how capable the model is.

I dabbled with several lists for Mordrikaar, even played some games with lists for eHexy and pZaal but they all fell short in my opinion. I’m not a top player so the idea that I would have to play my A game to compete with someone playing their D game doesn’t sit right with me.

I was tempted by switching factions a few times, my elves were calling from my shelves, my Cryx were seducing me into serving the dragon father once more, but in the end I wanted something new, something different. Khador isn’t a first world country faction, but it has all the pieces.

Casters like Butcher3, pIrusk, eZerkova, eSorcha interest me and I’m planning on exploring what they can do. We have a local Khador player who makes them tick extremely well, so I finally have a faction where I can learn by watching as well.

Spamming infantry (and thus spending time on activations) will be a challenge. I have gotten better in managing my time when playing seriously, I’m still a disaster in casual games because I just talk have fun and forget about the ticking clock… I feel that my time with Skorne has taught me a range of valuable things that will transfer into my future Khador play.

I also realized when checking which models I required for my initial lists, that I already owned a large portion wince I already owned the Nyss, the Boomhowlers and a range of Merc solos.

My total collection of Khador models will consist of the following:

Casters: Butcher3 / Irusk1 / Zerkova2 / Sorcha2

Jacks: Devastator / Spriggan / Ruin / Behemoth

Units: Boomhowlers / Nyss / Pikemen / Winterguard infantry (full package) / Kazay assassins / widowmakers / Alexia and the riser / Great bears/ Outriders /

Solos: Valachev / Gorman / eEiryss / wardog / Ogrun bokur / Madelyn / Saxon Orrik / Iron Fang Kovnik / Sylys / Reinholdt / Jozef / Ayana & Holt /


As per the usual I will likely end up owning the entire faction, but I’m pushing myself to be a bit more conservative at first. I want to explore the pairing our local Khador player has used before and then see where I end up.

What draws me into the faction at this point is the more generalist feel, no real focus on either ranged or melee, no focus on pure spell slinging or making the feat stick. Just coherent army compositions complementing each other and having the different options available while not being pushed towards either side.

If I get enough things painted by the end of the week so I don’t need an abundance of proxy models, I might get my first few games in this week.

I don’t mind playing fist a few more times so there’s no real pressure.

I’m going to post a picture of my painting progress so far with the Khador jacks next.

Painting Skorne #33: Immortals, Ancestral guardian, Hakaar.

This week I painted up 2 units of immortals (a min and a full unit), an ancestral guardian and Hakaar.

I didn’t want to go for the regular stone or obsidian look, so I went with metal. Gold, silver, platina and bronze didn’t appeal to me so I decided to make them Copper. Normally copper goes hand in hand with all the green rust details, but I wanted them to look taken care of, not rusting and forgotten.

I did apply Nihalak oxide in the cracks of one model to see how it looked, but the normal shade nuln oil provided turned out better (personal opineon / taste)

I airbrushed the copper on and gave it a nuln oil shade, the gems are done with P3 arcane blue.

Painting Skorne #28: The mammoth part 4: Assembly

Since my last post, my little project has come along nicely.

I added a small amount of vegetation on the base, the mammoth has been painted up in parts and I am currently assembling it on the base.

My intent is to assemble the model, then see where touch ups are required on the painting. Afterwards I will add highlights where needed and add some more vegetation.

This is how it looks at the moment:

It will take a few more hours of work but progress is going smoothly, I hope to have this little project finished soon.


Painting Skorne #26: The mammoth part 2: finishing the base construction, preparing the mammoth and priming.

As the title suggests, I have been busy on my “lazy” sunday.

First I added rocks to the base in 2 stages, each with smaller rocks, then I added sand. On the top level I also added some sand to create more texture and because that’s where sand tends to be in desert scenes 😀

I had 2 spare bane knight heads so I used them as skulls for the base, tiny details are nice.

After these steps the base needed some time so the glue could dry. In the meanwhile I cleaned and prepared all the parts of the mammoth for priming.

The gang:

After a break of about 2 hours (an entire day of non stop building/ cleaning and painting is just too much), I started my priming. I used Vallejo Surface Primer black.

Not all parts got done last night (the unprimed pieces are shown in the above pictures), so I finished up the priming tonight.

I may start with the first basecoat on the base, but I’m not sure, first I’m taking a break, then I’ll see. Once I get to the next step, I’ll have more pictures to share.

I hope this serves as an inspiration to others, I have seen a number of special huge bases on the internet, however hardly any where the creator shows how it was done.

Painting Skorne #25: The mammoth part 1: constructing the base

The Skorne gargantuan is a mighty beast, and it continues the long standing tradition of base overhang, just like the other skorne beasts. The model is stunning and it’s pose is dynamic so I don’t plan to change it.

Not changing the pose means either placing it on the base that comes with it and having placement issues all the time, OR you have to get creative with the base.

I opted for option number 2, and it’s quite scary, as I have never before made any special bases from scratch. This one also needs to look good, fit into the theme of my army and solve the placement issues…not that easy.

My first step in getting the parts for this base began last year when I ordered some pieces from Scibor.  I love their sculpting work and I saw some pieces I could make work so I went for it and ordered them for future projects.

After looking trough examples of how others placed their huge based models on special bases, I decided a cliff like setting would be my best option. It requires less construction details then my “Bridge crossing a dried up river bed” idea which is above my abilities at this point.

I placed the Scibor parts on the base in an arrangement that I felt would do the trick and then filled up the area behind them with isolation foam.

I placed some pins where the model would be attached to the base.

This is how that looked:

After I was happy with the general volume of the “cliff” it was time to give it all some more texture and fill the gaps where I didn’t want them to be. For this I used a gap filling plaster, something you can find quite easy. I anyone wants to know which one etc, leave a comment and I’ll provide some specifics.

I’m now leaving it to dry for at least a few hours.

I’m happy with some of the texture I was able to shape into the filler, I used my exacto knife so no fancy tools involved. In all honesty I am doing this step by step, not knowing if it will work or fail. It’s a real learning experience and I really hope I get it right from the first try, but accidents happen sometimes so these are exciting times indeed.

I hope to have more pics and info soon.

Painting Skorne #23: Gatorman Bokor and bogtrog shamblers

This unit was rather special to paint up. My goal is always to have minions and mercs painted up to match the rest of the army they are part of.

For this unit that was not easy at all. If I painted them up with all the details, things like swamp leaves and small sea animals would stand out more than I would like. And then there’s the fact that the skin color I wanted to use was bone color and the models have bone’s sticking out of them.

I could have painted them in their natural green color but then they would stand out more than a bit on the table amongst all the desert themed models, and they’d look weird on desert bases.

So I went with a solution that made it both easy on me and on the eyes. I decided to paint them up as creatures made out of sand. It still ties into the entire zombie feel, instead of reanimated corpses they are corpses made out of sand. I think that fit’s into the entire creepy side of Skorne and it matches my desert paint scheme.

here are the pictures:

I changed some priorities for my painting, so the croack raiders will have to wait a bit. Instead I’m going to work on the Venator Slingers, a taskmaster and an extoller. This because I want to be able to play my eHexy list as soon as possible.


Painting Skorne #21: Paingiver Bloodrunners

Changing back to the conventional Mordrikaar list meant I had an unpainted unit in my list, so ofc I had to fix that asap.
The added benefit was that I could test out my airbrush while applying my Skorne paint scheme.
I must say that orange cloth looks amazing with the airbrush, I was happy with the brush version but this takes thing to the next level for sure.
Well, I suppose you can judge the result for yourselves:


Back to work.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, I just took a few weeks off, not just from blogging, I also put my painting on low priority.

I had just finished painting a ton of models for Cryx, then some more Skorne, which resulted in having 4 50pts lists fully painted, and yes I wanted some time off at that point 😀

I did do some painting however with no real time pressure. I did some work on the Skorne Ferox. This unit will no doubt finds its way into one of my lists at some point, but not at this time which means I don’t have the urge to put the mon the table, and as such I had plenty of time to finish them.

Last week I did have to rush the painting on 2 void spirits, I needed them for an all painted SR tournament.

The next few weeks will be a bit busier, as I have a new project, a Zaal theme force. Needless to say this list consists almost entirely off models I haven’t painted / assembled, and in some cases don’t yet own.

I will have to do some proxying while testing it out because I just don’t want to invest in multiple models of the same type without knowing if this list will be anything interesting for me.

So far I saw it being played in a video battrep and I liked the possibilities I saw, it also seems to give me the options I’m looking for.

I love how Fist of Halaak provides me with a melee punchline supported by ranged treat. Having access to melee and ranged, with both being good solid options is a nice thing.

I love my Mordrikaar list and it has some really nice options, however any form of ranged presence is not part of those options. The tier list I’m going to give a spin will reach Fist of Halaak levels in melee and will have a more precise and harder hitting ranged capability.

The only real question here is if this list will be able to handle Cryx at all. Since it’ll have 2 Raiders and a few extollers, it will handle stealth for sure, it’s volume of attacks I’m more worried about really. It’ll remain to be seen. And ofc with Cryx becoming less and less dominant in the faction spread at events, the “do I have a Cryx drop” question becomes less important. More on that later, I really need to test things out to get a good grasp on this list.

The next few weeks will (hopefully) have more painting updates. The Ferox are near completion, and all those models for the Zaal theme are going to get primed this week as well. Lucky for me stone statues don’t take the same effort as most other models.

I will also try to get the next video battrep out, it’s pXerxis vs eMorvana.

The next few months will be exciting for sure. I’m not sure what my lists will look like once the aradii and the hydra are released.

In the same way I am really looking forward to the releases in the next warmachine book, as a Convergence player I have been hoping for a new warcaster. The new colossal seems like it will only really synergize with the Modulator and that’s not much. So yea a new caster, who hopefully adds something completely new would be huge.

More on painting progress soon.