All work, some play…

I have been quiet here for a few weeks, for various reasons.

I am currently painting up all my mechanitralls and their support. And believe me it’ll take some more time ^^

In total I have 22 thralls, 3 brutes, a scarlock commander and 2 necrosurgeons on my table. 6 of those thralls and one necrosurgeon, were among my first painted models ever, and as such they are in dire need of some adjustments. I hope to be able to finish them in the course of the next 2 weeks.

The second reason is that there wasn’t much to tell really. I was trying to figure out which casters I would take to the 3 list format event “EU Masters” in September and I wasn’t really fixated on any caster in peticular.

While I have about 6 months of experience playing cryx in total, I havn’t had much experience with just one caster. And the casters that have seen more table time are eDenny, eAsphyxious and eSkarre.

I currently own both Skarre’s, both Denny’s, both Gshades (3 will arrive soon), all 3 flavours of Asphyxious, the coven, Terminus and Venetrax.

While eAsphyxious is still a bonkers caster, I feel everyone pretty much knows every stunt he can pull, and has ample experience facing him, so he’s not a caster you want to field with limited experience. If you have played this caster for years and know the ins and outs, you can still use him to pull out good wins vs experienced players, but for me thats a steep hill to climb for sure.

pAsphyxious had some appeal, however he was didn’t make the cut for the same reasons as Venetrax, the coven and the Gshades, it didn’t quite feel right when I started thinking further about lists and playstyle.

Terminus was on my shortlist, and I did take him to the ring for a few rounds, however I realized with the abundance of undead models(with doctor etc) in the current meta, he has way to manny games where he technically doesn’t have a feat. This might be my local meta and I may just be playing him wrong, but in the end it didn’t really “click” the way it should.

I had eDenny on top of my list, and with reason. I feel not taking her would be a mistake, as I have most Cryx experience playing her, and she gives me a reason to spam 3 units of banes and have lots of fun. For more insights in the 30 bane knight filisophy, you can go to this link where the master himself explains how and why this is so sweet. Giving eDenny a list that pretty much runs itself, adding in a scarlock and Deathjack, to give her more focus to work with. An added bonus was that I didn’t add Tartarus to my other 2 lists, which gives this list some extra punch for sure.

I hadn’t given pDenny a second look after my first bbox games back when I started playing, and the model being painted really bad, really didn’t add to it’s appeal. I ended up buying another battlebox (one can never have enough bone chickens right?), so I could paint the models up in my current scheme.

The list I’ll play her with is still under construction, I’m going to start doing some playtesting soon.

And ofc in a 3 list format I need a 3rd list. Both Skarre’s looked verry appealing, however my final choice landed me on Asphyxious 3.

I didn’t make this choice myself, it was a suggestion from one of the other players in my local meta. If not for the suggestion, I would most likely have gone for one of the Skarre’s. In retrospect, I’m happy he made the suggestion as I am now starting to discover what I would label as a great caster.

Anyhow, going to try to have an article up on my Asphyxious 3 experiences soon. For now it’s back to the painting table.






Cryx painting #1: Big T and friends

As the title reveals, I’m back to painting my Cryx models.

I started by painting 3 long overdue models, Terminus, Wrong Eye and Snapjaw.

Both Snapjaw and Terminus were, for my limited experience with pinning / greenstuff, a complete nightmare to assemble. Much greenstuff was applied and in the end I had an ok result.

When a model takes to much effort to assemble, it goes on the “ignore” list for a while because otherwise the assembly related frustration takes all the fun out of the painting process.

As I grew tired of playing them unpainted, I decided to grace them with a paint job other then “gray primer”.

The results are nice in the end, albeit I think Terminus would have looked better without the greenstuff additions.

For my next painting project, I have a few choices, and I will be painting parts of different models at the same time, so I’m not quite sure which models will be finished first.

To give a hint, I currently have a unit of bane knights, Gerlak, the new journeyman caster and Pdenny + battlebox and the bane riders waiting on my desk.