Painting the Convergence part11: Axiom 2

Back when I finished up my first Axiom, I had this crazy idea to make 2 axioms work on the tabletop, sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

So while one was finished and has seen much table time, the other remained bottom half finished, top half primed.

Since the only item left on the to do list for the EU masters is a unit of Optifex Directive, I decided to side track a bit and finish the top half.

I like how the first one turned out better, but I can’t say I’m unhappy with it either.



Painting the Convergence part9: Syntherion and the Enigma Foundries

This week I was able to assemble the last of my support models (the 2nd unid of Optifex Directive, the 2nd Enigma Foundry and a 2nd Mitigator)

As far a painting goes, I was able to finish Syntherion and the 2 Enigma Foundries.

Syntherion while a verry nice model, sadly suffers from the same issues as the small based plastic units, details are not there, flash everywhere etc. So I cleaned as much as pissible and painted as best I could, but i feel that if he were metal and detailed correctly I could have made this model look much better.

The Enigma Foundries turned out pretty well.

Next up are the hover jacks (3 chassis) and all their magnetized bits. (I ordered a 4th kit to make Dual Assimilator and dual Modulator possible in my Mother list)

After that, only 1 unit of Optifex Directive and 1 heavy vector chasis remain in order to get everything fully painted for the EU Masters.


Once I’m done I’ll post pictures of the 3 lists completed.



Road to the EU Masters 2014 #1

As promised some more in-depth views on my lists after another round of games.

First here are the 3 lists I am currently using and will be taking to the masters (aside from some tweaking when needed)

System: Warmachine
Faction: Convergence of Cyriss
Casters: 1/1
Points: 50/50
Father Lucant, Divinity Architect (*5pts)
* Corollary (3pts)
* Inverter (8pts)
* Prime Axiom (19pts)
Obstructors (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Reciprocators (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)

System: Warmachine
Faction: Convergence of Cyriss
Casters: 1/1
Points: 50/50
Iron Mother Directrix & Exponent Servitors (*4pts)
* Corollary (3pts)
* Assimilator (8pts)
* Assimilator (8pts)
* Modulator (6pts)
* Modulator (6pts)
Obstructors (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Reductors (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Accretion Servitors (1pts)
Attunement Servitors (2pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)
Enigma Foundry (3pts)

System: Warmachine
Faction: Syntherion – The Great Machine
Casters: 1/1
Points: 50/50
Tiers: 4
Forge Master Syntherion (*6pts)
* Corollary (3pts)
* Diffuser (3pts)
* Galvanizer (0pts)
* Cipher (9pts)
* Modulator (6pts)
* Monitor (8pts)
* Prime Axiom (19pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Optifex Directive (Leader and 2 Grunts) (2pts)
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (1pts)
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (1pts)
Attunement Servitors (2pts)

Pretty much all the lists I’m testing are either made by Jason Watt or Will Pagani. (All COC players should be thankful that they are so openly contributing to the faction)  You may call me lazy for not coming up with my very own unique lists. But then again, as Will voiced it himself, since someone already did all the effort in testing lists and model combo’s, why would we do this all over.

I’m pretty horrible at list building to be honest. List tweaking is a different story; I just seem to need a solid foundation to build further on.

As for the games, I have played 6 games in total since I got back on the Convergence horse and as such the experiences are still limited.

Last Friday Lucant had 1 game and Mother got 2 (I really needed to test the list) and it was my lucky day since we had a surprise visit from a pretty good Cryx player. And Cryx drops are best used on Cryx lists đŸ˜€

Considering my first 2 games with this unfamiliar list were against pSkarre and pDenny I don’t really mind the fact I lost both. As usual I was trying out farfetched plays to see if they had a chance or not.

Overall Satyxis Raiders combined with Blood witches under their mini feat are a huge challenge. I dare say when not aiming they might as well have [immunity] Convergence on their card. I managed to kill a bunch but far from the amount required.

The funny part was that I was hindered by their def stats more than the Skarre feat, since puncture was a thing and pow 13 sprays do pretty well vs Armor 18.

So The first game with Mother was vs pSkarre. The list had infantry everywhere, Satyxis raiders, blood witches, mctralls, and bloodgorgers. And ofc ample support, necro surgeons, Gerlak, raider captain, warwitch siren and a few scrappies for sacrificial strike.

Due to the setup of the terrain, there was one really unpleasant side with 2 forests leaving a narrow passage in-between, and the other side had a hill, an obstruction (building) and a wall. I won the roll off, and due to the terrain, I opted to go second and choose the better side.

As always his first turn involved the Satixys raiders running and getting ready to be in the way. He didn’t use desperate pace from the captain, which was clever because convergence has snail speed and this made it possible for him to charge next turn.

I tried to see if Obstructors had any survivability when running forward instead of walking in shield wall. Turns out, they die really fast when not in said shieldwall. Still, at the time I wanted to make sure so it wasn’t off the drawing board quite yet.

Except for the above the rest was just run up for both players. Turn 2 the raiders charged and had some mild success in killing obstructors (filled up the foundries nothing lost yet, which does add up to 6/10 obstructors boxed)

Then on my turn I discovered the most challenging part of this list, keeping the foundries close enough to the front line to add obstructors, without them blocking the movement of the reductors and avoiding them being easy to catch for the enemy models.

Needless to say I had huge placement issues and the foundries never reached their potential as intended.

The lessons to take from this game are really:

don’t run Obstructors, walk them in shield wall for 5, and let them walk an additional 3″ after the activations using tactical supremacy. It’s just 2 inches less movement compared to running and it makes Satyxis cry, or at least they’ll have a hard time even on their mini feat turn.

The Assimilators don’t need LOS for ground pounder, so I might as well run them side by side blocking line of sight to mother when needed. When using the groundpounder they don’t get to aim either so, keeping them mobile and shooting isn’t an issue either really.

The reductors really need to aim when facing def 16 (like that’s a mystery^^), so in order for that to work they need to be in position the turn before they want to make their attacks, so I need to learn to plan that in advance.

When facing Cryx don’t think “Mothers behind a wall that’ll keep her safe” because it doesn’t.

In short I use the “Brick” approach with Synth and Lucant and well it seems Mother is a prime candidate for this as well.

For my second game, I faced pDenny. instead of getting swamped with Raiders I got swamped by ranged attacks, again Obstructors don’t do well when not using shield wall, this was my final test on trying to run them first turn so I would get the extra range. From now on they will always be in shield wall.

The reductors cleared pretty much all the bane thralls in front (and tough rolls were plenty), so they really made me proud.

A lesson well learned is to ground pounder the flag, since there’s no take up when all models are in the aoe and getting damaged simultaneous. (well there is take up, but only if models survive, not straight after the flag fails it’s tough check)

The modulator is a beast, especially at 6 points. Shooting and hitting a model without stealth and boxing the 2 stealth models in between is so nice and as it turns out pretty consistent. Having 2 means having 4 shots and at 2 models per shot that nets you the same result as 8 shots, but wait, there’s more. With most of my shots I hit 3 models; making it the equivalent of 12 shots, and that boys and girls is why this jack is golden. The Modulator is starting to become my favorite jack, then again nothing beats Axiom.

The 3rd game I opted for my Lucant list (in Hindsight my Syntherion list might have done better). I faced off against a Legion player who brought Rhyas (her tier list even).

SO Typhon, 2 full units of swordsmen with ua, a shepherd, 2 min units of warmongerers and their solo, a naga and a harrier. (Might have had a Succubus as well, not sure)

I won the roll off and went first. Deployed the lucant brick pretty central. The scenario had 2 12″ diameter zones so I had to be able to go either way.

The Legion forces spread out putting a unit of swordsmen and warmongerers on each side. Typhon and the naga at the center.

Due to the awesome speed of my models I barely made it to the tip of both zones on turn 2. Not having the units go shieldwall would have resulted in no units turn 3. I ended up winning on attrition for one zone and losing on scenario because of the other. I delayed my downfall by trampling the axiom into the zone. But so many wpn master attacks later he was gone.

Good moves:
Axiom trampling to save the day.
Axiom spawning an elimination servitor which aimed and shot a shepherd.
Triggering watcher to move a jack and not attacking causing it to remain active and then triggering it again to kill the model that charged in after.

Bad moves:

Enigma foundries kept to far back.
Not moving Axiom into the zone earlier.
Forgetting sweep is a thing when engaged with 1.5 units of models.

I had a blast and learned a bunch once again (more than when playing Cryx I dare say) and I can’t wait to have another afternoon of warmachine this week.

Painting the Convergence part8: Obstructors, Reductors, Transverse enumerators and Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex

I have gone straight into a painting frenzy once again, because I simply dislike playing unpainted models. I don’t mind playing against unpainted models; however my own little dudes need to be prepped and ready to go.

The reductors and obstructors turned out ok, despite the quality of the kits being very basic. I had slight remark regarding the flash on other kits, but this all pales in comparison to what I found in these boxes. The parts don’t just have flash issues, they are just not properly casted at all, and details missing everywhere…It just made me sad.

Lucky enough since they are pretty small and thing it doesn’t all stand out as much and the paint job hides most of the horrible details so it doesn’t show on the tabletop.


The Convergence has really sweet looking solo’s, there’s no other way to say it. These ware looking exceptional unpainted and they look even better now I have painted them up.

I also love how the 2 models types shown require virtually no glue at all.

I “experimented” with the cloth parts; I did 1 solo using a nuln oil wash and the other using a seraphim sepia wash.

Next up are the enigma foundries (2), Syntherion, a unit of Optifex Directive and a Mitigator.

The magic eightball said “Convergence”

As the title reveals I ended up choosing Convergence over Cryx.

I will still play Cryx in the future, but for the upcoming events and the EU Masters, I will be playing Convergence.

The first important thing, I had to do was make a clean slate. My past experiences were without the Enigma Foundry, and this is a very important support piece.

I played 3 games last Friday, lost each single one of them, but learned lots of things in the process. Also it wasn’t like the previous playtests; I actually had game instead of being completely annihilated from the start…

The main conclusion regarding the somewhat improved results with the faction is that indeed with more information / matches from larger events available, it is easier to get a grasp of how things (should) play on the tabletop.

I’m currently testing lists for Father Lucant, Syntherion, Mother Directrix and Aurora. Father and Synth are both making the 3 list cut, so 3red list spot will depend on the performance of my Aurora / Mother lists.

Lucant is a brick list; the point is to take the alpha strike and to retaliate afterwards. And ofc to be impervious to shooting lists. Weaknesses to watch out for here are lists that play fast on scenario as the list is fairly slow. Scenarios with multiple zones can make the brick less useful as well. And ofc jamming is a prime weakness of this list.

Synth, is an all jack list (Tier4 ofc), main weakness would be purification and also jam lists. With his Rat5 shooting options are actually options, because let’s face it, RAT3 or even 2 doesn’t really doesn’t make me think of shooting things (yes there be flares, but not always and everywhere). I had an Assimilator in the list at the start, but I have since replaced it with a monitor. Reason? Well the Gorman / Eiryss tag team is very resistant to having to roll to hit, and while a groundpounder ignores stealth, it still doesn’t have a real way around high def. (again, except flare…)

While Flare can be seen as +2 RAT, an Assimilator still can’t use AIM for groundpounder shots. When the monitor aims that’s +2 Rat by itself, if you manage to get Flare up, that’s +4 (I’ll take +4 over +2 any day).

True, the groundpounder is an aoe, while the Monitor’s shot is just that, a single shot.  However, for solo hunting, ROF1 is the key element for both. Unless the other player decides to put his solos base to base, the aoe element isn’t really an advantage for solo hunting, when you have to roll for each model under the aoe anyway with ground pounder.

If the Mitigator was RNG11 instead of 7, I would argue that having 2 of them instead of one Assimilator was better for solo hunting. Aiming, possible knockdown, if it misses and doesn’t deviate too much, still a point of damage to all models under the aoe…seems pretty nice to me, but less so at range 7.

The Monitor has RNG 13, which is compared to the RNG 11 on the Assimilator that’s a bonus. The pow of the Monitor’s weapon is also higher and has the possible Brutal shot.

Conclusion, the Monitor wins in range, accuracy and pow.

This is ofc when making a choice for that solo hunting option in a list. For a more range oriented infantry hunting list (Like my Mother list), the combination of both jacks is a very nice option indeed.

Mother, is a special little creature, I playtested her in the past, and her teamforce seems like a trap, and so does taking an Axiom in her list. Axiom is a very good combined arms piece, but where it’s ranged attacks are a good complement to its melee attacks in lists with Synth or Lucant, Mother seems to like more specialized shooting options.

Having a Monitor to hunt for stealth models with some accuracy, one or more Assimilators (I currently have 2 in the list) for infantry removal and a cheap Modulator, already presents a nice ranged package.

This list obviously geared towards infantry spams, and with Mothers shrapnel swarm added to the mix, even high armor infantry is in trouble.

For Aurora I made a infantry list, she brings tool to support it and the Reciprocator / Reductor is also a good infantry remover. So far the list still has to impress me, which doesn’t mean it hasn’t shown good options on the tabletop. The assassination potential does make her different from the other casters in faction, and the movement shenanigans also make her play differently, so yea she’ll be an interesting model to learn to play.

I’m playing more games tomorrow and I’ll analyze those games more in-depth afterwards.