Painting Skorne #27: The mammoth part 3: Painting the base.

I went with a layer of Citadel Tallarn sand first; it’s the same color I use for my other bases.

It’s also an almost dried up pot so mixing it with airbrush thinner is one of the few ways to still paint with it.

I airbrushed the color on, it covered well enough, but the dark primer still came trough a bit, which made the shadows look good.

I picked up a desert color from Vallejo’s game air range, hoping it was similar to the Tallarn sand, turns out it’s a bit more yellow. Which isn’t an issue, but it means I need another desert color to really replace the Tallarn sand. (on the shopping list for next friday 😀 )

I used the Desert Yellow next, and I made a quick video of the result:

Then I washed the entire base with Citadel Agrax Earthshade (just a heads up, these projects soak up quite an amount of wash, because of the large surface and absorbing material)

The wash really brought out lots of detail.

After the shade was dry I first drybrushed the base using Tallarn sand (as this was the darker sand color and the highlight needs to build up the the lightest color (white)).

I then applied a drybrush of the Desert Yellow, moved on to P3 jack Bone and finished with P3 menoth White Highlight. In the shadow zones I added another wash of Citadel Seraphim Sepia, creating a red hue.

I based the 2 skulls in Jack bone, washed them with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted them again with Jack Bone.

After all was dry I drybrushed the entire base again using the Citadel Dry compound “Tyrant Skull”.

The result looks like this:

I will need to do some shopping for vegetation to put on the base. I have wasteland tufts and they fit the color palette, but I want some more variation. I’m planning to put some tufts on the back side to make that side more vivid and add variation, and then I’m looking for some more unique additions for the front end, when the skull is placed above the lions head. I’m not really sure what I want, but once I get to see some options at the shot I’ll know what I want to do.

I won’t be able to get over to the store before Thursday so if I post anything new before Sunday it’ll be about the progress on painting the Mammoth itself.


Painting Skorne #26: The mammoth part 2: finishing the base construction, preparing the mammoth and priming.

As the title suggests, I have been busy on my “lazy” sunday.

First I added rocks to the base in 2 stages, each with smaller rocks, then I added sand. On the top level I also added some sand to create more texture and because that’s where sand tends to be in desert scenes 😀

I had 2 spare bane knight heads so I used them as skulls for the base, tiny details are nice.

After these steps the base needed some time so the glue could dry. In the meanwhile I cleaned and prepared all the parts of the mammoth for priming.

The gang:

After a break of about 2 hours (an entire day of non stop building/ cleaning and painting is just too much), I started my priming. I used Vallejo Surface Primer black.

Not all parts got done last night (the unprimed pieces are shown in the above pictures), so I finished up the priming tonight.

I may start with the first basecoat on the base, but I’m not sure, first I’m taking a break, then I’ll see. Once I get to the next step, I’ll have more pictures to share.

I hope this serves as an inspiration to others, I have seen a number of special huge bases on the internet, however hardly any where the creator shows how it was done.

Painting Skorne #25: The mammoth part 1: constructing the base

The Skorne gargantuan is a mighty beast, and it continues the long standing tradition of base overhang, just like the other skorne beasts. The model is stunning and it’s pose is dynamic so I don’t plan to change it.

Not changing the pose means either placing it on the base that comes with it and having placement issues all the time, OR you have to get creative with the base.

I opted for option number 2, and it’s quite scary, as I have never before made any special bases from scratch. This one also needs to look good, fit into the theme of my army and solve the placement issues…not that easy.

My first step in getting the parts for this base began last year when I ordered some pieces from Scibor.  I love their sculpting work and I saw some pieces I could make work so I went for it and ordered them for future projects.

After looking trough examples of how others placed their huge based models on special bases, I decided a cliff like setting would be my best option. It requires less construction details then my “Bridge crossing a dried up river bed” idea which is above my abilities at this point.

I placed the Scibor parts on the base in an arrangement that I felt would do the trick and then filled up the area behind them with isolation foam.

I placed some pins where the model would be attached to the base.

This is how that looked:

After I was happy with the general volume of the “cliff” it was time to give it all some more texture and fill the gaps where I didn’t want them to be. For this I used a gap filling plaster, something you can find quite easy. I anyone wants to know which one etc, leave a comment and I’ll provide some specifics.

I’m now leaving it to dry for at least a few hours.

I’m happy with some of the texture I was able to shape into the filler, I used my exacto knife so no fancy tools involved. In all honesty I am doing this step by step, not knowing if it will work or fail. It’s a real learning experience and I really hope I get it right from the first try, but accidents happen sometimes so these are exciting times indeed.

I hope to have more pics and info soon.

Painting Skorne #24: Slingers, Extoller and Taskmaster

This week (well the last 3-4 days) was pretty hectic and I painted like a madman.

It also occured to me that I just finished painting up 33 models in less than 2 weeks, not bad…

The reason? I just wanted to make sure I could play my eHexy list with as few proxy models as possible.

At this point all I have to proxy is the Mammoth, and that’s not a real issue, I can just use a huge base. eHexy still hasn’t been painted up, but he’s assembled and on a base (bought him from a friend that way) so he can be played.

I will make a post on the list after I have some games with it on Thursday and Friday. Pretty excited about using the Mammoth package and other models I have never used before.

I’ll add some game pictures this weekend as well.

For now these are the pictures of the models:


The extoller and the taskmaster:

I put that little bit of extra effort into the taskmaster, I simply love that model.

Next up? Well that depends, I’m going to work on the Mammoth and eHexy, but for the Mammoth I need to make a decent base that allows it to avoid all overhang issues. So which will be next will be determined by how fast I can come up with a good base idea…more on that soon.

Painting Skorne #23: Gatorman Bokor and bogtrog shamblers

This unit was rather special to paint up. My goal is always to have minions and mercs painted up to match the rest of the army they are part of.

For this unit that was not easy at all. If I painted them up with all the details, things like swamp leaves and small sea animals would stand out more than I would like. And then there’s the fact that the skin color I wanted to use was bone color and the models have bone’s sticking out of them.

I could have painted them in their natural green color but then they would stand out more than a bit on the table amongst all the desert themed models, and they’d look weird on desert bases.

So I went with a solution that made it both easy on me and on the eyes. I decided to paint them up as creatures made out of sand. It still ties into the entire zombie feel, instead of reanimated corpses they are corpses made out of sand. I think that fit’s into the entire creepy side of Skorne and it matches my desert paint scheme.

here are the pictures:

I changed some priorities for my painting, so the croack raiders will have to wait a bit. Instead I’m going to work on the Venator Slingers, a taskmaster and an extoller. This because I want to be able to play my eHexy list as soon as possible.


Painting Skorne #22: Double Raider and Brute

In my previous post, I showed the Bloodrunners and talked about how I had done the orange with the airbrush. On cloth the effect was great, now I had to see how it turned out on armor plates.

I prefer models with a larger surface in order to test a color out. Because both the Brute and the Raider are covered in armor from top to bottom they were perfect.

I do need to restock my orange paint as the pot I have now has gotten to dried out, but that aside the models turned out great.


Next up, a whole lot of minions: