Khador #4: Busy times

My painting is progressing at a steady pace, I finished Butcher 3 and the Pikemen.

I made the flag swappable, the flag is the only difference between a black dragon and a regular unit. (Sure there are different shields but those arn’t required.) This way the only thing I need to do to change between ua’s is swap the flag, and transporting it is way easier.


And I took some pictures of all the models that are done with some more daylight:

I was working on the last few solo’s I need to be able to field my Butch 3 list without using proxies, and then this happened:

For those who don’t know much about airbrushes, no that part isn’t supposed to come off.

Pretty sad about it right now, it has a warranty so it’s not going to be a financial issue as I won’t have to buy a new one, however I will be behind on my painting.

Anyhow more news on painting / playing soon.