Painting the Convergence part 15: Reworking servitors 1: Reflex Servitors

The convergence servitors come on the little flight stands, and while that may be somewhat cool to see them “fly”, these things are not to handy and stuff breaks more then I want it to.

When I finished the servitors for the TEP’s I realised that with my new bases I could make some interesting combinations for the different types of servitors leaving the flight stands out for good.

I just finished rebasing the Reflex Servitors. Aside from just sticking them to different bases and adding some tufst, I also added some rust pigment so they tie into the bases more, mines do lie around for a while and it’s only natural they wear down a bit.

Just to compare, this is what they used to look like:

Painting the Convergence part14: Last unit of Reductors is done

This post should have happened about 2 weeks ago. I had other things to focus on at that time as Smogcon was getting close and after Smog I was down with the flew so yea I’m behind on posting :/ .

I originally tried something different with these reductors, experimenting with Yellow. The effect wasn’t bad it just didn’t fit into the rest of the army at all. So I just went cold turkey, applied some primer again and painted them in the normal scheme.

When looking at them now I’m super happy I did, they fit into the army and the alternate weapons look amazing in the normal scheme.