Painting the Convergence part 15: Reworking servitors 2: all servitors are done

It’s been a while since I posted part one of the servitor revamp, now for part 2.

The above ones turned out pretty nice and I’m happy with them, however for the last ones I decided to go all out.

The repair arms didn’t really make it possible to just put them on a base, it wouldn’t look natural either as these really need to float.

I had obtained the Convergence Wreck markers a while back and had been casting some extras while I was casting my other bases and had some spare fluid.

This seemed like the ideal moment to start using them as bases.

The inset part of the medium wreck markers is 30mm which is ideal for small bases.

The pins are where the servitors were attached afterwards. This way they can float without the use of the flight stands and it can look way more natural. Plus epic bases in the making.

I was very proud of the end result, pretty much the best looking bases I have painted until now:

And ofc a group shot: