Cryx or Convergence, choose one, choose wisely.

I’m one of those players who can’t seem to find a faction that clicks 100%.

Is this a bad thing? Who knows, however I am certain it isn’t a very good thing.

I currently own 4 factions, Retribution, Cryx, Convergence and Legion. (There’s also a Circle bbox on my shelves but that’s for PG purposes ^^)

Retribution was my starting faction, and in hindsight it wasn’t a good place to start from. I love the look and fluff side of them elves, I just don’t like where they take me on the tabletop. I am sure I’ll put them on the table again some time, however not for any events, just for a quick game or to help others test their list against a retribution setup.

Legion, well there’s an interesting faction… I had the brilliant idea to start playing some hordes just to get some insider info on how hordes plays. And ofc if I liked it I wouldn’t be against staying on, the horde side of things. In the end it just didn’t appeal as much to me as it seemed and I pulled the plug early before investing too much into the faction. By no means do I think hordes isn’t just as fun / good as warmachine, I just like playing machines and focus more than bests and fury. Personal choice really.

Cryx, I love them for what they can do, I partially like the whole nightmare empire theme. What I don’t really like is how much of what the faction can bring isn’t really a play-worthy option in the current meta.

There’s an ongoing discussion on the Cryx forum atm regarding what Cryx fears on the tabletop (find it here), it pretty much comes down to high def, lists with lots of shooting,pHaley.

The main problem for Cryx these days is that pretty much every faction has easy answers to them, while Cryx doesn’t have good answers to counter those options. Khador lists with Winterguard sitting at Def 17 and Joe to make them sure to hit, add in an old witch feat and it gets really hard, not impossible, but really hard.

As a newer player in general (just over 2 years of playing once every week), and the newest player in my meta, I think playing Cryx is actually not as easy as compared to playing more players on equal skill level. Our meta is also more competitive when it comes to list building, and as such the anti-Cryx list is a frequent flyer for all players.

I do notice a positive side to it all, when I go to a regular steam roller and get matched to players who are in my skill bracket, I am able to pull off a win because they simply don’t get the same amount of work done with models that on a regular game night would cripple my list and send it home.

In the long run ofc since a ranged Khador list cleans up infantry swarm on turn 2, and leaves nothing to really respond with, I don’t get to learn much except for, “you stepped over the AD line, big mistake”

I want to try a Goreshade 3 list really bad, but I can’t think of an anti-Cryx list in my meta that doesn’t have easy answers to incorporeal.

I’m taking Cryx to the masters in The Netherlands in September, and I keep losing myself in which caster to bring and which list to build. Currently I am looking at Ghaspy3, eDenny and eSkarre. I just played a few games with Mortenebra and I really liked her. Plus as stated before I’m dying to try out 3Shade. So lots of back and forth thinking there.

Last but not least Convergence. I picked up the faction when the release dates for the 2nd vector chassis and enigma foundry were known and I own all models now. (Still need a 2nd unit of Optifex directive and an Enigma Foundry)

This is by far the most appealing faction to me; I simply love how all the models look. After the Masters I am going to give them a run again, the first attempt was rather sad, not having much of a knowledge base on the faction was a big hindrance.

Now with players making it to the top in events and more lists / play styles becoming known, it is less complex to start at the bottom of the faction learning curve. I also know to side step the trap called “Iron Mother”. At first I liked her and I really wanted to make her work, but it just didn’t. I am inclined to join Will Pagani’s train of thought that she is the lowest ranking caster in the faction joined by Axis.

While thinking of convergence I start doubting if I shouldn’t just get it over with and start playing them again now, and take them to masters instead. I don’t see my chances improving much either way. Model stats and spell lists are still not known by heart for Cryx so not much of a difference if I have to get used to the convergence spells and stats.

So the internal debate I will be having with myself until Friday’s game night will be “Cryx or Convergence, choose one, choose wisely.”