My gameplay needs revision.

At this point while my understanding of the game and the quality of my play are slowly on the rise, the main conclusion is that I still haven’t found THE faction that clicks for me as it should.
Last weekend I went to a SR tournament in Roeselare (Belgium), nothing large, we ended up with just 4 players. And of those 4 I placed last.
Sadly not because of play style or player skill, just because “no answer to opposing models”.

This doesn’t mean I played perfect games, the match-ups were just very “uneven” for a Cyriss army.

First game I faced Testament of Menoth, which completely removed my recursion mechanic and without recursion, Cyriss is a sad faction tbh. The Menoth models were more resistant to damage and handed out more punishment so I held them back as much as I could before the inevitable feat turn where all those incorporeal models assassinated Lucant and the game ended.

The second game was Vs. Vlad1, the caster was not the issue here, the high Def all across the board was a rather huge issue.
I fielded Mother, the Assimilators get around stealth with ground pounder, but with Def 14-16 on the board rolling to hit on each model results in more miss then hit and you can’t aim to get a higher rat.

Popping Mothers feat to remove about 10 models (when lucky) isn’t the best use.
I was able to remove quite a number of the Kayazy Assassins and their Underboss. I was able to remove Joe from the game by dominating a Spriggan.
If only mother’s Shrapnel swarm was an actual aoe, and not an aoe on a direct hit, it would have some game in this match-up. Against Winter Guard it’s just really hard to land hits.

The spriggan utterly destroyed the monitor, shortly after did the same to an assimilator. The monitor managed to do a measly 4 damage to the Spriggan on a charge.
It seems that when facing Khador the caster doesn’t matter that much, the units are what makes it a hard match-up. And more so the high Def stacking. I can already hear the masses call out “Flare”, and yes Flare was applied plenty, and it helped for 2-4 attacks during the entire game, the others either drifted to irrelevant locations, or only clipped 1 model after scatters, none managed to actually hit any models.

The 3rd game was more even, in the sense that the problem wouldn’t be hitting or doing damage, the math indicated things were possible on average rolls, and it wouldn’t require rolling boxcars ¾ of the time. The matchup was Mother vs. Skarre1.
The challenge was to remove enough models to even out the model count. He was fielding, Bloodgorgers, Gerlack, Blood witches + ua, Raiders + ua, Necrosurgeon X2, Mcthralls X2, scarlock, 2 Helldivers, raider captain, Saxon,. Which totals on 66 models.
I managed to remove the raider Sea Witch turn one using the monitor, this made me very happy as that also meant 4 raiders were now outside of command. I also removed another 4 raiders (who were in command), making the unit less respectable the next turn. Turn 2 came the incorporeal Blood witches; the rest of the list just ran up.

This list is surprisingly fast to play for the Cryx player since the first part of the game is more about placement and running up than it is about attacking and removing key pieces. The main goal is to have scenario and board presence so far up the board the opponent won’t be able to advance to a place where he can threaten the scenario. This list is really nice and works like a well oiled machine.

I removed one Necrosurgeon and most of the thralls early on using the ground pounders. I managed to remove infantry using them and shrapnel swarm from mother, I was able to use her gun to good effect a few times as well. The feat turn was not too bad either. In the end there were too many models to remove and not enough shots to pull it off. The obstructors were all removed in one turn; overtaking Bloodgorgers are good at what they do.

The foundries leaving were full and had nothing they could spend souls on…
The Obstructors did do their part, I lost 1 jack in the entire game, the monitor was MVP for holding the zone 2 turns in a row and staying alive without repairs. A special mention to mother’s 2nd servitor who also held the zone for a turn.
In the end having to sift through all those models with the full amount of ranged / melee attacks at my disposal each turn, really took a bite out of my play time, and my timer ran out…

Rather depressing day regarding results, and as such I’m going to go back to the drawing table and do some dojo with one of our most experienced locals, to see what we can do to make my games worth playing.
I feel like I need to broaden my way of thinking and really get some advice on the spot for certain game phases so I can come out of it a better player.