Tales from the crypt #12: painting done and a week before the deadline

This weekend I finished work on a Defiler, a Warwitch Siren, a Necrotech, Rengrave, Ragman and Aiakos.
As always when I set out to have my lists painted, I’m very happy when it’s done. What I’m even happier about at this point is that I now have a fully painted list pairing for both Skorne and Cryx.
In short I will still be painting more then I should, but the models I paint up now won’t have a deadline and that takes off some pressure for sure.
The following weeks I’ll try to get the models I’m missing for a Xerxis 2 list I’m going to try out finished. I’ll take my sweet time because one of those models is Xerxes himself and I want him to be painted decently as it’s a sweet model and it deserves a sweet paint job.
Anyhow, here are the pictures:


I’m currently editing 2 battrep videos and I hope to have them on youtube soon, I’ll post when they are added.