Painting Skorne #25: The mammoth part 1: constructing the base

The Skorne gargantuan is a mighty beast, and it continues the long standing tradition of base overhang, just like the other skorne beasts. The model is stunning and it’s pose is dynamic so I don’t plan to change it.

Not changing the pose means either placing it on the base that comes with it and having placement issues all the time, OR you have to get creative with the base.

I opted for option number 2, and it’s quite scary, as I have never before made any special bases from scratch. This one also needs to look good, fit into the theme of my army and solve the placement issues…not that easy.

My first step in getting the parts for this base began last year when I ordered some pieces from Scibor.  I love their sculpting work and I saw some pieces I could make work so I went for it and ordered them for future projects.

After looking trough examples of how others placed their huge based models on special bases, I decided a cliff like setting would be my best option. It requires less construction details then my “Bridge crossing a dried up river bed” idea which is above my abilities at this point.

I placed the Scibor parts on the base in an arrangement that I felt would do the trick and then filled up the area behind them with isolation foam.

I placed some pins where the model would be attached to the base.

This is how that looked:

After I was happy with the general volume of the “cliff” it was time to give it all some more texture and fill the gaps where I didn’t want them to be. For this I used a gap filling plaster, something you can find quite easy. I anyone wants to know which one etc, leave a comment and I’ll provide some specifics.

I’m now leaving it to dry for at least a few hours.

I’m happy with some of the texture I was able to shape into the filler, I used my exacto knife so no fancy tools involved. In all honesty I am doing this step by step, not knowing if it will work or fail. It’s a real learning experience and I really hope I get it right from the first try, but accidents happen sometimes so these are exciting times indeed.

I hope to have more pics and info soon.