Painting Skorne #23: Gatorman Bokor and bogtrog shamblers

This unit was rather special to paint up. My goal is always to have minions and mercs painted up to match the rest of the army they are part of.

For this unit that was not easy at all. If I painted them up with all the details, things like swamp leaves and small sea animals would stand out more than I would like. And then there’s the fact that the skin color I wanted to use was bone color and the models have bone’s sticking out of them.

I could have painted them in their natural green color but then they would stand out more than a bit on the table amongst all the desert themed models, and they’d look weird on desert bases.

So I went with a solution that made it both easy on me and on the eyes. I decided to paint them up as creatures made out of sand. It still ties into the entire zombie feel, instead of reanimated corpses they are corpses made out of sand. I think that fit’s into the entire creepy side of Skorne and it matches my desert paint scheme.

here are the pictures:

I changed some priorities for my painting, so the croack raiders will have to wait a bit. Instead I’m going to work on the Venator Slingers, a taskmaster and an extoller. This because I want to be able to play my eHexy list as soon as possible.