Painting Skorne #26: The mammoth part 2: finishing the base construction, preparing the mammoth and priming.

As the title suggests, I have been busy on my “lazy” sunday.

First I added rocks to the base in 2 stages, each with smaller rocks, then I added sand. On the top level I also added some sand to create more texture and because that’s where sand tends to be in desert scenes 😀

I had 2 spare bane knight heads so I used them as skulls for the base, tiny details are nice.

After these steps the base needed some time so the glue could dry. In the meanwhile I cleaned and prepared all the parts of the mammoth for priming.

The gang:

After a break of about 2 hours (an entire day of non stop building/ cleaning and painting is just too much), I started my priming. I used Vallejo Surface Primer black.

Not all parts got done last night (the unprimed pieces are shown in the above pictures), so I finished up the priming tonight.

I may start with the first basecoat on the base, but I’m not sure, first I’m taking a break, then I’ll see. Once I get to the next step, I’ll have more pictures to share.

I hope this serves as an inspiration to others, I have seen a number of special huge bases on the internet, however hardly any where the creator shows how it was done.