Painting Skorne #30: small update

I havn’t been sitting still since I finished my mammoth, however there was not much to report either.

I finished the unit of Ferox that had been sitting on my shelve half painted for a while, and I finished an old metal Titan Sentry. In both cases I didn’t like the way the models looked and went no further than tabletop quality so I didn’t really care to share the results.

Since then I also finished my croack raiders who are now waiting for new basesĀ  andĀ  I’m almost done on the Cyclops shaman, just need to finish the hair and a few details.

Sneak peek:

On the shaman I intended to do Non Metallic metal, and at first it went pretty well, but i just couldn’t get those gloves to turn out ok. In the end I redid all metal in metal paints.

But I was proud I could pull it off on the test piece.


And while waiting for the bases I decided to do some magnetization on 2 beast kits and 2 jack kits.

The materials I ordered for casting bases should come in tommorow, then I can make some bases for the Raiders. I’m expecting to finish the raiders and shaman this week and make some progress in painting the Aradii kits.