Painting Retribution Part 2: Paint all the casters (except one)

I managed to finish all my Ret casters except for Vyros2 last week. I felt really happy about the fact that with the MK3 cards in mind, none of those models felt like it would just sit on my shelves forever.

Sure I am sharing the general opinion that while Vyros1 and Garryth receives nice buffs / changes they won’t be the top dogs. I’m also convinced they won’t be the casters you grab when you play a tournament (and plan to end at the top), but they have game now, they can play a decent match.

And for a faction to be able to claim that they have no “dead in the water” casters is a huge thing. And it makes me happy that ret got there after a long journey.

I wanted this ret anime like style to pop out a bit so I chose some more flashy hair colors, and I wanted all to be unique so every caster has a different hair color (when hair applied ofc 😀 )


With my new color scheme, Kae has become my favourite model.

Currently I’m working on 4 Vyre chassis (magnetized), Imperatus and a unit of Battlemages.

I will post in progress pics explaining how I magnetized the kits and there will also be a (short) video on it.