Painting Retribution Part 5: Invictors & Halbs.

Another busy painting week has come and gone. Last weekend I managed to churn out the invictors at a record pace, and then this week I finished the Halbs. Finishing these brings met closer to having 2 fully repainted SR lists.

The goal is to field 2 fully painted lists at my first mk3 SR event on the 17th of July. Slight problem is that 2 units are on order. Worst case I will have to borrow a unit of Invictors and a unit of Battlemages.

Tonight after gaming I will strip down the 2 SFA units and the solo’s (2 arcanists and 2 MHA’s and a soulless). I figure those will take me about a week to finish.

This week I will know which models will arrive in the next shipment to the Lgs and I can plan my painting accordingly. If I do get all my models in, it comes down to finishing 3 model batches.

So with a good 3 weeks left that should work out just fine. I’m also planning a special project to create a model tray that fits my army scheme, I’ll post a step by step on that later.

For now here are the finished models:


More on my painting / gaming soon.