Painting Retribution Part 6: a boatload of models

I have not posted anything since the end of June, because I was simply to busy painting.

My goal was to have my 2 75pt lists fully painted for the first tournament. Meeting the goal was sort of impossible as I still have my HRT’s and 3rd Arcanist on order. However all models aside from those 3 were fully painted and I consider it to be a success.

I also finished my second unit of Invictors but I forgot to take their picture after. Still here’s a shot of the whole bunch on the tray during the SR event.

And just this evening I put the fine touches on 4 more models:

Next up will be the remaining 2 soulless, 2 scyirs, the 2nd unit of Sentinels and Helynna. I will need to strip the paint from the unit of sents first so prepping all the models will take until sunday. I plan to make Helynna  a bit more special, but more on that soon.